Nungu Juice|Ice Apple Juice

Kathiri Veyil/Agni Nakshatram/Peak summer season has started from today and all of us have fallen victims to the rays of Sun.To beat the heat and prevent ourselves from the ill effects of summer,it is essential to include more seasonal foods/coolants in our diet.One such excellent coolant is NUNGU.This is from Palm tree and it widely present and easily available in southern parts of India. For those who would like to see the complete image of NUNGU please find them below. On cutting you get a lychee like fruit.This can be consumed as such whereas few remove the white skin and eat the jelly like substance alone.This skin is very good for curing stomach disorders. It is otherwise called palmyra palm or ice apple or toddy palm or tadgola,taal/taad(Hindi,Marathi),Karimpana(Malayalam),Tatichettu/Thatti Munjalu(Telugu),Olegari/Thatti Nungu(Kannada).Few places refer this as palm fruit but as per my knowledge palm fruit is still a ripened version of this and it is called panam pazham in tamil.This is available till august whereas the by products like palm candy,palm sugar,palm jaggery are available all through the year.It has excellent medicinal properties.Ice apple has a perfect blend of all minerals and the best coolant for summer season.It is rich in Vitamin A,B,C,Iron,Potassium,Phosphorous and zinc. It keeps your body hydrated.It helps to get relief from constipation and fatigue. It prevents from heat stroke,pimples,prickly heat etc.It has few phytochemicals which inhibit growth of malignancy in breast.It is an excellent energy booster. Continue reading “Nungu Juice|Ice Apple Juice”