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Carrot Recipes

Carrot is my LO’s favourite. Even I prefer carrot in any form from raw salads to halwa. I just thought of collecting my recipes with carrot under one roof because I started this blog with a carrot-based recipe. I am sure this is not a great collection. Hope to add more. You can bookmark this page if you wish or Stay tuned with me by following by blog here or liking my facebook page at  Click the hyperlink for the recipe.

Carrot Recipes

Carrot Recipes

Carrot Halwa

Carrot Puree

Ragi Carrot Halwa ,

Carrot Bath.

Carrot Kheer

ABC Puree 

ABC Juice


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  1. […]                You can include every single fruit/veggies/greens in your daily diet. Just grab a bowl of fresh veg salad as you walk and have a bowl of fruit salad for an evening snack or include some spinach in your morning dosa.Include juices,soups,milk shakes,tender coconut water,butter milk,smoothies so as to keep yourself hydrated. Carrots due their beta carotene content help a lot in improving your supply. Find all carrot recipes here […]

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