Most of us have literally lost our appetite and we are badly craving for some cooler/refreshing drink even for our regular meal. Here is a very quick and simple smoothie recipe with KIWI & APPLE. I like the slightly tangy taste which kiwi has and it is good to consume as such.

The first time I had Kiwi I just scooped out and just as the way we usually have sapota/Chikku. Later I had tried KIWI BANANA smoothie which is an ultimate combination and it is just yum. This is yet another try with Kiwi. With respect to offering Kiwi to babies, most of the recommendations suggest to offer them beyond 8 months since they are acidic in nature if your baby usually has tummy troubles.

Kiwi is not a high allergic fruit. Always have a word with your doctor before giving any new food.

kiwi apple smoothie


  • Kiwi-1
  • Apple-1/2
  • Water/Curd-2 tbsp

kiwi apple smoothie



1.Clean apple and kiwi well.

2.Cut the top and bottom portions of Kiwi.

kiwi apple smoothie

3. Insert a spoon and just twist around.

4. The fleshy part would be scooped out now very easily.

kiwi apple smoothie

5. Chop kiwi and apple and add to a blender.

6. Give a quick run.

kiwi apple smoothie

7. Add water/Curd and mix well.

8. Serve it chilled/at room temperature.

kiwi apple smoothie


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You can add some cream/coconut milk instead of water/curd.

Adding sweetener is optional.

Avoid milk and sweetener if the baby is below one year.

Always have a word with your paediatrician before starting any new food.

The ratio is purely your choice.

If your kiwi is very juicy adding water/curd is not necessary.

The colour is due to apple oxidation. To prevent this you can use frozen apples.(I read somewhere.I have not tried)

About Kiwi:

Kiwi is an excellent source of Vitamin  C and it can help you build immunity and fight infections.Choose Kiwi that is firm,plump and yields good smell.Dont choose those which are hard.Store ripe kiwis in refrigerator .Avoid choosing kiwi which has bruises. Avoid storing kiwi with diary products as its enzymes might spoil diary.

Kiwi seeds are completely edible.There is no need to remove them. Kiwi skin might cause itchy feeling to few.Hence be careful.

Kiwi to babies is safe if your baby/family history has no tummy troubles. Kiwi might lead to small rashes to babies who are allergic.

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