Spongy Home made Rasgulla|Rasgulla Recipe

Rasgulla-This is my most favorite sweet.Wondering how come a person who has avoided most whites in the pantry love Rasgulla!!Yeah-I used to just gobble up this Bengali sweet in no time.But it is a yearly twice kind of event. No harm right?Though I avoid whites in my pantry I don’t mind using once in a while or having them at a party or offering my kid during an outing.I tried making rasgullas at home some two years back and these recipe images have been lying on my hard disk since then. Accidentally a friend of mine wanted to know the recipe of spongy rasgulla,so posting it now. The images are of poor quality since they were clicked long back(before learning the techniques I use today).

Rasgulla Recipe :


Makes 15-20 mini rasgullas

  • Milk-1/2 litre
  • Curd-1/4 cup
  • Sugar-3/4 cup
  • Water-1.5 cups
  • Saffron- Few
  • cardamom Powder-A pinch

home made spongy rasgulla



1.Measure and keep all ingredients ready.

2.In a thick sauce pan, allow milk to boil.

home made spongy rasgulla

3.When it begins to boil add curd and stir well.

4.The milk will begin to curdle, continue to stir in medium flame until the whey water separates.

home made spongy rasgulla

5.In the meantime keep a soft cloth ready to filter the milk.

6. Pour in the cloth and filter out the whey water.

home made spongy rasgulla

7.Tie up the solid part to ensure draining of water completely.This might take half an hour max.

home made spongy rasgulla

8.Take the milk solid from the cloth and add to a mixing bowl.

home made spongy rasgulla

9.Knead it smoothly for 20 minutes and then roll into small balls.

home made spongy rasgulla

10.In a pressure cooker add water and dissolve sugar at medium flame.I added saffron, cardamom powder too at this stage.

11.When the sugar is completely dissolved and begins to boil , add the balls one after another carefully.

12.Pressure cook for one whistle in medium flame and wait for the pressure to get released.

13.The balls should have doubled in size by now and syrup would be in right consistency.If not cook for 5 more minutes with the lid closed(Do not add whistle).

home made spongy rasgulla

14.Just relish the spongy rasgulla dunked in saffron syrup.


home made spongy rasgulla

My Observations:

Choose a wide base pressure cooker because these double up in size after getting pressure cooked.

If you wish to open cook instead of pressure cooking,cook in low flame for five minutes after adding the balls and then cook in medium flame for 7-10 minutes in medium flame. The balls would move from edges to middle as they get cooked.

Kneading is the most important step to get smooth , spongy balls.

Don’troll the balls too tight .

Mine is not white coloured as the saffron color got added up.

I didn’t curdle the milk with lime juice because I somehow have always felt the sour tinge stuck to some deep corner of rasgulla.

If you are using lime juice use 2 tbsp and ensure to wash the curdled in plain water completely before step 7.

This stays well for 3 days at room temperature and 5 days if refrigerated.

Store in a sterilized glass/steel jar and use a dry spoon to serve.

This can be an occasional treat for kids above 1 year.

Please have a word with your doctor before introducing any new food to babies.

Ensure to have tried all the ingredients individually before trying this for babies.

Please consider all family history of allergies before trying any new food.

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home made spongy rasgulla



3 thoughts on “Spongy Home made Rasgulla|Rasgulla Recipe

  1. Hey,
    Thanks for amazing article on Rasgulla I heard and saw many rasgulla recipe but never saw like this its kind new thing for me HAHHA

    I will be trying this in upcoming weekend because I have invited some guests in my
    home so it will be better to serve them this amazing recipe

    but can you please clear my one question that is it possible to use
    persian saffronin it ? or not ? IF yes !
    then how much, I got this persian saffron in good amount after comparing of market leverl saffron price

    please reply I will be waiting

    Thanks Debra

    1. Hi, Thanks for visiting my site. You can use the persian saffrons for rasagulla. Use max of 10 strands

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