Golden Milk Fruit Custard Recipe-Fruit Custard recipe with Golden Milk/Turmeric Milk/Turmeric Latee

Golden Milk Fruit Custard Recipe:

Golden Milk Fruit Custard Recipe- I made an attempt to make a healthier version of the most famous dessert aka kids favourite fruit custard or fruit salad with custard recipe. I have already posted a recipe of fruit custard during the initial days of blogging. As you all know I slowly adopted no whites principle into my blogging I came out with this different recipe. I skipped using white sugar and made the base with turmeric milk instead of plain milk.
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Golden milk fruit custard

Golden Milk or Turmeric Latte or Turmeric Milk is one of the oldest recipes which is gaining popularity once again. It is nothing but a slightly different version of our grandmoms’ recipe of milk+palm sugar+turmeric powder, I can say. Now we have various variants with the same base. As I was preparing fruit custard this idea incorporation suddenly popped out and trust me Golden Milk Fruit Custard Recipe had so difference and it was even yummy.

Golden Milk Fruit Custard Recipe:

Golden milk fruit custard

My blog will not have much of cow’s milk/animal milk-based recipes despite the fact that they are the most hunted/wanted recipes. Yes! We don’t include animal milk in our daily food. We incorporate all milk products regularly and take milk very rarely. This holds good for my little son too. I can hear many asking about Calcium requirements. Trust me there are several vegetarian sources of calcium which are better and safer than animal milk.

I trust that humans don’t need animal milk beyond 6 years. It is only breastmilk which is essential for 2 years. However, the most common worry among parents is about their kids’ milk intake. If you are one among them then this recipe would be a great choice and you can also try my recipes of kesar badam mix and instant dry fruits milk. These milk-based recipes can be tried only after 1 year.

If you are a regular user of custard powder I would recommend you to prefer a custard powder which has no artificial colours and prefer almond milk. I had made it somewhere way back five years ago I believe. You can find that recipe here. I shall share the exact recipe of golden latte soon when I find someone who can consume it (LoL)

I should definitely mention something here as a token of gratitude here. If at all you are able to find a 1% betterment in my clicks it is only because of my mobile Gionee A1 and my fellow blogger friends from the FB group named Food Blogging, Food Photography and Food Styling enthusiasts headed by Gouthami Yuvarajan(Yeah my friend, author of Clicks N Bites). The group link is here. I am blessed with a bunch of selfless and lovely friends who are experts in food photography through this group and they have been constantly guiding and supporting me.

Golden milk fruit custard
Golden Milk Fruit Custard Recipe:


  • Boiled Milk-2 cups
  • Custard Powder-1/2 tbsp or Corn Flour
  • Palm Sugar-2 tbsp
  • Cut Fruits-1.5 cups
  • Saffron-10 to 15
  • Turmeric Powder-1/2 Tsp
  • Cinnamon Powder-A pinch
  • Broken Cashews-To Garnish

Golden milk fruit custard


1. Measure all ingredients and keep them ready.

2. Warm the boiled milk.

Golden Milk Fruit Custard Recipe1

3. Add 1/2 tbsp custard powder in a glass and mix with 1/4 cup milk without lumps.

Golden Milk Fruit Custard Recipe1

4. Add palm sugar to 1/2 cup warm milk and mix without lumps. Filter this if your palm sugar has impurities.

Golden Milk Fruit Custard Recipe1

5. Now carefully add custard powder+milk to the warm milk and keep stirring.

Golden Milk Fruit Custard Recipe1

6. Then add the palm sugar mixed milk too.

Golden Milk Fruit Custard Recipe1

7. You will find it getting thicker as you mix it continuously in low flame. Please note the mixture will not be in yellow colour now unlike usual fruit custard recipes as I have reduced the quantity of custard powder.

Golden Milk Fruit Custard Recipe1

8. Now add saffron, cinnamon powder and turmeric powder.

9. Mix well for two minutes and allow it to cool.

10. Add the fruits and blend well.

Golden Milk Fruit Custard Recipe1

11. Refrigerate, Garnish and serve or Serve Instantly after garnishing.

12. Golden Milk Fruit Custard is ready.

Golden milk fruit custard


I have used apples, grapes, banana and pomegranate. You can add sapodilla, oranges, mangoes and watermelon too.

You can add honey instead of palm sugar. But add it after cooling the custard mixed milk.

Do not mix the fruits so hard that they break and become pulp.

Adding banana first will keep your salad fresh.

You can include/exclude any fruit as per your choice

This is suitable for babies above one year.

For babies below one-year, animal milk and honey shouldn’t be offered.

Please have a word with your doctor before introducing any new food.

Please eliminate all allergies and look into the family history of allergies before trying any new ingredient.

Photo editing courtesy: Suganya Balu of

The difference in the colour is because of lighting.

Golden Milk Fruit Custard Recipe

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Golden milk fruit custard

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