Sugar Cane Popsicle Recipe-Sugarcane Ice Pops for Toddlers & Kids

gar Cane Popsicle Recipe

It is hot summer and it is definitely time to beat the heat. By saying beat the heat, I don’t mean to have cool drinks to quench your thirst. Beat the heat naturally. And today’s sugar cane popsicle recipe is an excellent choice for this summer. I was astonished to know about the health benefits of sugarcane. Please read the post fully to know more details.

Sugar Cane Popsicle Recipe:

Health Benefits Of Sugarcane:

As mentioned above I never expected sugarcane to have so many miracle properties. During childhood or during our good old nature-filled days, sugar cane juice vendors would be there around every corner. And you would have also seen people flooding to drink that humble health drink.

  1. Sugar Cane Juice aids in weight loss as it lowers bad cholesterol.
  2. Sugar Cane Juice can help prevent and combat cancer.
  3. Sugar cane juice can help in digestion and cure constipation.
  4. Sugar cane juice in your face pack fights against acne.
  5. Sugar Cane juice is a natural diuretic and helps your fight UTI and improves kidney health.
  6. Sugar Cane prevents tooth decay & bad mouth odour.
  7. Sugar cane can treat damaged nails and improve bone & teeth health.
  8. It has anti-ageing properties and the low glycemic index makes it safe even for diabetic people(However please consult your doctor)
  9. Sugar cane juice is an instant energy drink (natural).
  10. Sugar cane juice has several medicinal properties and can cure sore throat, flu .
Can I give this to my kids?

Popsicles and ice pops are generally recommended for babies who are teething. But juices are not recommended for babies who are below one year. So sugar cane juice can ideally be offered to toddlers and kids, once a week. So is the sugar cane popsicle. Please consider family history of allergies and ask your doctor before trying any new food.

How Often can I have this?

Adults can have it thrice a week(Max one glass a day). Despite the numerous many health benefits, it is not recommended to have much of it. Moderation is the key. Always consume the juice fresh or immediately store in the refrigerator. It is not advisable to store sugar cane juice beyond 15 minutes at outside temperature and consume. Adding a dash of ginger and lime will prevent acidity issues.Sugarcane Popsicles Recipe

Sugar Cane Popsicle Recipe

Makes 2 popsiclesIngredients:

  • Sugar Cane Extract-3/4 cup
  • Lemon Juice-Few drops
  • Water-1/4 cup

Popsicle mouldSugarcane Popsicles Recipe

Sugar Cane Popsicle Recipe:

Procedure:1. Pour the juice into the popsicle mould.2. Freeze it for 8 hours.3. After 8 hours, take it out and wash the mould in running cold water.4. Sugarcane Popsicles/Ice Pops are readySugarcane Popsicles Recipe

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