whole wheat corn cheese pizza recipe

Whole Wheat Corn Cheese Pizza Recipe

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Whole Wheat Corn Cheese Pizza Recipe:

Whole wheat corn cheese pizza recipe with detailed images and steps- If you have the whole wheat base with you you can make the same on a dosa tawa too. You don’t need an OTG, mandatorily. I have already posted a paneer pizza recipe and I made this corn cheese pizza for little one’s birthday. He is a lover of cheese and corn but I ensure that I keep both minimal in our diet.

Whole Wheat Corn Cheese Pizza Recipe

To make the pizza base at home with whole wheat with or without OTG refer this post.


whole wheat corn cheese pizza recipe


Whole Wheat Corn Cheese Pizza Recipe

1.If you have frozen the base let it cool. If you have just baked use it after cooling.

2. Apply the pizza sauce on the base.

Paneer Pizza Recipe

3. Spread some cheese and then layer some corn.

4. Sprinkle some Italian Spices.

whole wheat corn cheese pizza recipe

5. Now add some more cheese and finally drizzle Italian Spices. I had some marinated paneer and I have added them too.

6. Preheat the OTG for 10 minutes at 200 degrees.

7. Dust the tray with flour and keep the pizza we have topped.

corn cheese pizza

8. Bake for 7 minutes.

9. Take the pizza carefully outside, cool it completely and serve.

10. Instead of baking, you can grease the bottom with some oil and then add toppings and cook on dosa tawa by closing till cheese melts.

whole wheat corn cheese pizza recipe


Pizza sauce can be replaced with simple homemade tomato sauce too.

The homemade pizza sauce recipe is here 

The toppings combo can be done in several ways as per your taste.

Using Mozarella cheese yields the best result.

Most of you might be puzzled how healthy is eating a pizza. Moderation is the key and if you take it very often prefer the homemade ones with healthy variants. All ingredients except the cheese are not processed. You can use homemade cheese instead if you make them often.

whole wheat corn cheese pizza recipe

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