Navara Rice Mini Kozhukkattai

Navara Rice Mini Kozhukkattai

Navara Rice Mini Kozhukkattai with details and recipe.

What would you answer me if I ask you about the most common rice of Kerala? Most of us would say Kerala Matta Rice. This is similar to what we have been always associating with the word rice. The word rice has been mostly associated with only “Polished White Rice” and we have totally forgotten the lakhs of indigenous traditional varieties. Navara or Njavara rice is a traditional medicinal value-rich rice from God’s own country.

Navara Rice Mini Kozhukkattai

This rice is a boon for diabetes. All traditional rice recipes which were written so far by me were curated to help people bring them into daily use. All of these rice variants were used in gruels and cooked and eaten as such. But with the lifestyle we have come today we need a way to make incorporation of these nutrient-rich rice variants into our daily routines. Today morning I came up with quick and kids favourite mini kozhukkattai with Navara rice. Read the post completely to know about the source of the rice and the divine healing properties of Navara Rice.

navara arisi kozhukkattai

Navara Rice Mini Kozhukkattai



  • Navara Rice-1 cup
  • Coconut Grated-1/4 cup+1 tbsp
  • Pepper Powder-1/2 tsp
  • Salt-To taste
  • Oil-1/2 tbsp



1.Wash and soak the rice for 8 hours or overnight.

2.After the soaking time, drain the excess water and grind into a smooth paste with salt and grated coconut.

navara arisi mini kozhukkattai

3.In a pan add 1/4 tbsp oil and pour the batter.

navara arisi mini kozhukkattai

4.Stir it in low flame until it becomes a non-sticky mass. This would take a maximum of 5-7 minutes.

5.Now roll them into small balls and steam cook for 10 minutes.

navara arisi mini kozhukkattai

6.Add 1/4 tbsp oil and temper with mustard seeds, urad dhal and curry leaves.

  1. Add the steamed kozhukkattai and give a gentle toss with pepper powder.

navara arisi mini kozhukkattai

8.Switch off, add that 1 tbsp coconut and serve.

navara arisi kozhukkattai

Where to buy traditional rice varieties?

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How to store these rice varieties?

These indigenous rice varieties don’t need fertilizers or chemicals to grow. So you have to store carefully to avoid any bugs. You can buy two or three varieties every month in minimal quantity and try. Prefer using red chillies and vasambu or bay leaves inside open packets. If you buy in large quantities please freeze them and used dried neem leaves in the container.

These rice varieties are costly. Are they worth it?

This is a very common question to me every time I post a traditional rice recipe. With the refined/processed / Genetically modified foods we have invited and open to doors to all chronic lifestyle diseases to our generation. If we would want to reverse this and live healthy as long as we live we ought to make this switch of bidding bye to unhealthy whites and embracing these forgotten traditional rice varieties. A friend said to me this, ” Kalyani I am happy to invest in these traditional rice varieties rather than spending lakhs to recover from these lifestyle diseases”. I give the same as the answer. I see this cost and all my efforts as an investment to good health for me and my future generation. The call is yours, my dear reader.

Health Benefits of Navara Rice:
  • Great food for diabetic patients.
  • Best food for babies during the stage of weaning.
  • Said to cure arthritis, psoriasis and heal a lot of internal pains.
  • Heals Neuro Muscular Disorders.
  • Deals with digestive issues.
  • Rejeuvenuates body and boosts the immune system.
  • Improves your blood count and cures anaemia

navara arisi kozhukkattai


I used my cast iron pan. So it didn’t stick to the pan much with this quantity of oil.

If you find difficulty in stirring drizzle some more oil.

You can also make a sweet version of this following this recipe

Skip the salt for babies below one year.

Finding research articles on these traditional rice varieties takes a huge time and very little articles are available and only a hand few are visible for common men. How I wish we get to research on these treasures more and reach people to build a healthier nation for the future generation.

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I am not a qualified doctor/nutritionist/medical practitioner. The information is not equivalent to medical expert advice. The information is based on the reading and research I do out of my interest and passion to share the benefits of healthy cooking. Thank you


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