paneer nuggets recipe


Paneer Nuggets Recipe|Crispy Cottage Cheese fingers:

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corn capsicum cheese sandwich


Corn Capsicum Cheese Toast:

Sandwich is such a saviour for me.When I blink with no options to make I just blend the available ingredients to make a sandwich and my son just loves it.This was one such random try .I actually planned for a bread pizza but little one didn’t want the sauce on it,so this recipe is an open sandwich.Adding sauce(check out home made sauce recipe here) will make it an exact bread pizza. Sandwiches are excellent options for breakfast/snack/dinner because of the variations we can make and stuff all vegetables we wish to make it healthy/yummy/colourful.


tofu burji


Tofu/Soy Paneer- This is an alternative to paneer for  all vegan/lactose intolerant people. Tofu is made from soy milk just as the way paneer is made from animal milk.I tried making tofu once at home and I gave up because it took a lot of time (may be my procedure needed more fine tuning). I once grabbed a tofu packet to just give it a try and all that I made was this quick Burji.Tofu is rich in protein ,low in calories but contains a lot of other vitamins and minerals.Tofu is safe as long as it is non-GMO and you are not allergic to soy protein. You can use tofu instead of paneer in any recipe. This tofu burji is so simple to make and it serves as an excellent side dish for rotis, filling for rolls,sandwiches. Continue reading “TOFU BURJI”


Instant Masala Bread Uthappam-No Fermentation Required

Instant Masala Bread Uthappam-No Fermentation Required

Instant dosa/uthappam recipes are always welcome in any place especially among young mothers who run behind their families and kids 24/7.I have already posted recipes of instant ragi dosa,instant jowar dosa ,instant wheat dosa,instant wheat ragi dosa,instant multigrain dosa,instant rava dosa,instant vegetable dosa and now adding a super quick recipe of instant bread uthappam with some added masala and veggies.Last weekend we had tried making some bread at home and we had it handy.The bread didn’t turn out so great but I didn’t want to waste it.(It tasted apt but some look and finish issues).So I ended up using that loaf in this recipe. Shall we check out the recipe? Continue reading “Instant Masala Bread Uthappam-No Fermentation Required”

Veg sandwich


Veg Sandwich Recipe:

Hello Everyone!!!

LOOOOOOOOOONGGGGGGGGGGGGG TIME….. How are you all doing? It has been around 20 days since I had posted a recipe. I was running around a few personal commitments and travelling frequently in the past few days. Above all, as my little munchkin is growing in his toddler-hood I am being pulled into his space and I am growing. learning and having fun along with him. And of course, my lack of planning and laziness are also reasons behind not posting. Thank you all for your constant support.

With no more delay let’s get into today’s recipe. It is nothing but a simple VEG CHEESE SANDWICH/VEG. SANDWICH. This is one of our(mom & son) all-time favourites. You can offer this as a finger food/snack/breakfast/dinner for your babies post 6 months(Ensure your bread is 100% whole wheat and does not have salt in it). If you are worried about including bread in baby’s diet ensure to include it occasionally and just load it with veggies just as I have done in BREAD UPMA/STIR FRY RECIPE. Continue reading “VEGETABLE SANDWICH|VEG CHEESE SANDWICH”

bread rolls


Bread Rolls Recipe:

Cheesy bread rolls with potato is a filling and healthy snack for your fussy toddler who refuses to eat veggies. This was our snack last evening as all of us were craving some hot and sizzling munch on for a drizzling climate. I just gave a quick try with all ingredients which were readily available at home then. You can make any number of variations in this recipe. This is an excellent finger food for babies above 8 months. When you make it for babies below one year, avoid salt and use homemade cheese. Continue reading “BREAD ROLLS”

beet root sandwich



I am a great lover of sandwiches because they can be made in ‘n’ number of ways in no time. It can be a filling snack or a wholesome breakfast or a light dinner depending on the variation you make. This is one recent try I gave and it came out really well. It is so simple and highly nutritious too. Your kids will be attracted to the vibrant colour and the saucy feel when they bite. Continue reading “BEET ROOT SANDWICH|WHITE SAUCE BEET ROOT SANDWICH”