Vegan Chocolate Pudding recipe

Vegan Chocolate Pudding Recipe-With Agar Agar

Vegan Chocolate Pudding Recipe:

How did you like the sathumaavu cookies? Experimenting with Agar Agar has been on my list for a long time. I have been in love with pudding during my pregnancy and that was when the husband found the vegetarian alternative to gelatine.Agar-agar is the vegan alternative to Gelatin and I never knew it would be so easy to make a vegan chocolate pudding recipe until this experiment got successful. Continue reading “Vegan Chocolate Pudding Recipe-With Agar Agar”

ashgourd halwa recipe with jaggery

Kasi Halwa Recipe With Jaggery|Ashgourd Halwa with Jaggery

Kasi Halwa Recipe With Jaggery|Ashgourd Halwa with Jaggery:

A sweet recipe with a healthy twist-Wondering what is the occasion? This is the 400 th post on my blog(Most importantly adhering to the purpose of the blog). KitchenKathukutty attempts to provide you healthy recipes of vegetarian delicacies without the usage of white sugar, refined flour, processed/refined ingredients. By the great grace of God and support of people, I have been able to stick to the purpose of this blog and have travelled so far. I am so happy and grateful for this journey and milestone. The emotions and feelings are beyond words. This is not a huge achievement but a small reason to celebrate. Now, Let’s get into today’s recipe. Continue reading “Kasi Halwa Recipe With Jaggery|Ashgourd Halwa with Jaggery”

eggless whole wheat brownies

Eggless Whole Wheat Chocolate Brownie Recipe For Toddlers & Kids

Eggless Whole Wheat Chocolate Brownie Recipe:

Making a brownie has always been in my to-do list but I have never tried it so far. For the past week, with the microwave oven, I and sister have been doing some trial and error with it. We tried some cakes, cupcakes, mug cakes and brownies. As I shared these in my FB group, they asked me to share whole wheat chocolate brownies as the first one. Other recipes will flow soon. Before attempting your baking please read through the tips provided here

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Golden Milk Fruit Custard Recipe

Golden Milk Fruit Custard Recipe-Fruit Custard recipe with Golden Milk/Turmeric Milk/Turmeric Latee

Golden Milk Fruit Custard Recipe:

Golden Milk Fruit Custard Recipe- I made an attempt to make a healthier version of the most famous dessert aka kids favourite fruit custard or fruit salad with custard recipe. Continue reading “Golden Milk Fruit Custard Recipe-Fruit Custard recipe with Golden Milk/Turmeric Milk/Turmeric Latee”

Watermelon Granita

Watermelon Granita-One Ingredient Recipe

Watermelon Granita recipe-

Granita is a frozen dessert usually made with 2 or 3 ingredients. I have been working on making a healthy version of fruit granita and clicking it successfully. Yeah…Clicking was tougher than figuring out a healthy watermelon granita recipe. Granita may make you think something great or tough. The name is just a sophistication. It is just like the jalfrezi which made me super mad to even to give a try. Granita is nothing but freezing any fruit juice or combination of juices with sweetener, raking/scraping, and serving…No gulping 🙂 I tried 3 to 4 variants and none at home has so far had a chance to even taste. Yep. I gulped the moment I clicked. Something like the Indian Kola sticks which is one of the famous street foods. Without taking much of your time let me share the watermelon granita recipe.

Watermelon Granita

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kaddu ka halwa

Pumpkin Halwa|Poosanikkai Halwa|Kaddu Ka Halwa

Pumpkin Halwa|Poosanikkai Halwa|Kaddu Ka Halwa

Hello everybody, Hope this post is finding each of you in good health and high spirits. I am extremely sorry about the unannounced long gap. Due to certain unavoidable circumstances, I couldn’t access my space. Thanks for your continual support. I thought my come back recipe should be a sweet recipe and I have chosen this.

One of my neighbours had a huge pumpkin at home and she was wondering about dishes to be made. I volunteered to help her with recipes of khicicdi/gothsu, halwa, kheer apart from usual stir fry,kootu and sambhar. One fine evening we started preparing this halwa and in no time it was ready and it melted in everybody’s tummy.

The guests at my neighbours’ place were very happy about having it. Hence a happy Kitchen Kathukutty too :). I remember promising few of the readers with this recipe long back,and here you go.

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