Vegan Chocolate Pudding Recipe-With Agar Agar

Vegan Chocolate Pudding Recipe:

How did you like the sathumaavu cookies? Experimenting with Agar Agar has been on my list for a long time. I have been in love with pudding during my pregnancy and that was when the husband found the vegetarian alternative to gelatine.Agar-agar is the vegan alternative to Gelatin and I never knew it would be so easy to make a vegan chocolate pudding recipe until this experiment got successful.

Vegan Chocolate Pudding Recipe

Agar Agar Chocolate Pudding


  • Agar Agar-5 gms
  • Cocoa Powder-1 to 2.5 tbsp
  • Water-1.5 cups
  • Palm Sugar-5 tbspVegan Chocolate Pudding recipe


1. Cut the agar strips into small pieces and measure.

2. Soak in 1/2 cup water.

Vegan Chocolate Pudding recipe

3. In the meantime boil 1 cup water and add palm sugar to it.

4.When palm sugar is completely dissolved switch off and filter it.

Vegan Chocolate Pudding recipe

5. Mix this with Cocoa Powder.

Vegan Chocolate Pudding recipe

6. By now the agar agar would have got dissolved. If not heat for two minutes.

Vegan Chocolate Pudding recipe

7. Mix the dissolved agar agar solution after filtering to the choco+palm sugar mixture.

8. Now cook everything in low flame for 2 minutes by continuously stirring.

Vegan Chocolate Pudding recipe

9. When it begins to slightly thicken stop cooking.

10.Cool and pour in moulds.

Vegan Chocolate Pudding recipe

11. Set aside for 3-4 hours. Demould and enjoy

12. Chocolate Pudding is ready.

Agar Agar Pudding


Adjust the palm sugar level as per your taste.

You can also refrigerate the same and enjoy.Vegan Chocolate Pudding recipe

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