Coconut milk murukku recipe

Thengai Paal Murukku-Coconut milk murukku Recipe

Thengai Paal Murukku-Coconut milk murukku Recipe:

I have not started with Diwali sweets/savoury making for this year as little one’s health is still not back to normalcy. Trying coconut milk murukku has been on my list and I tried this as one among Krishna Jayanthi savouries. Since few group members have asked for this recipe I am sharing Thengai Paal Murukku-Coconut milk murukku Recipe now. Check other festive special recipes here Continue reading “Thengai Paal Murukku-Coconut milk murukku Recipe”

aval paal or milk poha recipe

Aval Paal or Milk Poha Recipe

Aval Paal or Milk Poha Recipe:

Hola Folks, wishing you a happy Vijayadasami/Dussehra. So I am here after a very long time after tawa paneer recipe with Kesar Badam Poha Recipe. My son had a very bad illness episode and hence couldn’t get connected with blogging. Here is simple 5 minute Aval Paal or Milk Poha Recipe Continue reading “Aval Paal or Milk Poha Recipe”

Kara Seedai Recipe

Kara Seedai Recipe

Kara Seedai Recipe

Kara seedai recipe or uppu seedai is one of the must-have recipes during Krishna Jayanthi. I have never tried it fearing that it might burst. Anybody whom you have a word about seedai will say about the burst diaster. I wanted my trial to be burst free. Hence I talked with all elders and collected all pointers. Continue reading “Kara Seedai Recipe”

Janmasthami|Krishna Jayanthi Recipes

Janmasthami|Gokulastami|Krishna Jayanthi Recipes

Janmasthami|Gokulastami|Krishna Jayanthi Recipes:

Krishna Jayanthi is one of the important festivals celebrated in India. It marks the birthday of Lord Krishna. The tradition we follow is to offer God with butter and a few savouries and sweets. The customs of each family differs. However offering butter, milk and milk products, appam, laddus, murukku, seedai seem to be prevalent across India. Continue reading “Janmasthami|Gokulastami|Krishna Jayanthi Recipes”