Murungai Keerai Poricha Kulambu

Murungai Keerai Poricha Kulambu:

Poricha kulambu or Puliacurry is a dish from Tirunelveli Cuisine. This Murungai Keerai Poricha Kulambu is not only rich in nutrition but also has medicinal benefits. This is served for pregnant and breastfeeding mothers, sick children. The dish is super quick to make. You can check my poricha kulambu recipe here Continue reading “Murungai Keerai Poricha Kulambu”

Vegetable Dalia Biryani or Broken Wheat Biriyani

Dalia Biriyani| Broken Wheat Biriyani|Godhumai Rava Biriyani|Dalia Recipes-Broken Wheat for babies

Vegetable Dalia Biryani or Broken Wheat Biriyani:

Daila or Daliya or Broken Wheat Rava or Godhumai Rava is an excellent source of proteins and complex carbohydrates. It is an amazing source of energy and it is rich in fibres. It helps in building muscles, regulating body metabolism and curing constipation. Continue reading “Dalia Biriyani| Broken Wheat Biriyani|Godhumai Rava Biriyani|Dalia Recipes-Broken Wheat for babies”

Spinach Soup For Babies,Toddlers and Kids

Spinach Soup for Babies,Toddlers and Kids

Spinach Soup for Babies, Toddlers and Kids:

Spinach/Keerai/Greens-All of us are very well aware that they are rich in nutrients and every parent would have a huge struggle making kids consume keerai/spinach. I myself prefer only very few recipes to include keerai/spinach in my food. I have already posted recipes of keerai dosa/spinach dosa, keerai masiyal/spinach puree, keerai sadham/spinach rice , methi dhal fry and ragi keerai adai. Continue reading “Spinach Soup for Babies,Toddlers and Kids”

Keerai Dosa

Keerai Dosa|Spinach Dosa for babies & toddlers

Keerai Dosa-Keerai Dosa is made with dosa batter and spinach(any variety of green) leaves.It is so simple to make but extremely nutritious.As a child, I used to take greens only in the form of dosa or masiyal always.Adding shallots to it makes it yummy.Amma brought a variety of greens from my hometown and that’s why my blog is full of those recipes.We don’t find the exact varieties we get locally in our hometown at Delhi.It was a real treat for us as we were longing for Keerai. Continue reading “Keerai Dosa|Spinach Dosa for babies & toddlers”

keerai masiyal

Keerai Masiyal for Sadam|Spinach Mash for Babies & Toddlers

Keerai Masiyal-This is nothing but a flavourful spinach mash made as an accompaniment to steaming hot rice.We used to love it as kids and roam happily with the green moustaches after having been fed with it.It is so simple to make but super healthy.It is so rich in iron and super yummy when you drizzle with ghee.I feel so nostalgic when I think about my grandmother feeding me this. Continue reading “Keerai Masiyal for Sadam|Spinach Mash for Babies & Toddlers”

varutha paruppu suraikkai adai


Bottle Gourd Adai:

Varutha Paruppu Suraikkai Adai-It is nothing but a thick dosa made with roasted dhal, rice and some bottle gourd. The basic recipe for this is from our family’s traditional recipes.I have just made some simple variations and believe me it was great in taste. It is a filling and tasty dish which can be preferred for breakfast and dinner. You can serve with some butter and jaggery(which is the usual combo at home)Wish you all happy weekend guys. Continue reading “VARUTHA PARUPPU SURAIKKAI ADAI|LAUKI CHILLA”

Sathumaavu kozhukkkattai



Hello Friends!

How are you all doing? Hot summer and Vacation mood are keeping away from blogging.(I can hear few of you saying “Ahhh!You come with some reasons! :@ ). I just rush and complete cooking in a jiffy and come to the rescue of a fan as my kitchen is always burning like a furnace. Hope this summer ends soon and I pray that it shouldn’t affect anyone. Come let’s see today’s recipe. I had sent this to MyLittleMoppet for Mum’s in the kitchen series and it is up on their website now.

Sathumaavu/Health mix/Multigrain flour is one of the most used ingredients in my kitchen. Since we don’t take milk/tea/coffee to break the dawn, our most preferred daily morning drink is sathumaavu and I keep trying ways to include in our menu. I have tried dosa.cakes, roti and you can find the recipes below. Continue reading “SATHUMAAVU KOZHUKKATTAI|MULTIGRAIN DUMPLINGS”

Figs & dry fruits ladoo



Most of the young mothers are very eager in introducing dry fruits to babies and I am definitely one among them. Dry fruits/nuts have so much of goodness in them that they aid with a great variant of nutrients, help in preventing constipation, prevent aneamia, and also help in nourishing the health of the baby.I slowly introduced them as per my doctor’s advice by making them small pieces at initial stages, adding badam/cashew paste in dishes, including dry fruits milk , making energy balls or energy bars . Later on he began taking them as such as whole nuts. This is one main reason behind my blog not having the recipes of any type dry fruits powder despite several requests from many readers. My sincere apologies for the same and I will definitely do it before this month end as I have got a batch done recently. Today’s INSTANT FIGS & DRY FRUITS LADOO was prepared for travel purpose for hubby and also for the regular evening snack for my baby. Just few steps and it needs no cooking.This is the best part of this recipe. Come,Let’s check the recipe now.Do try and give me an update 🙂 Continue reading “INSTANT FIGS & DRY FRUITS LADOO/BALLS – A NO COOK RECIPE”

lactating mothers foods


Foods for Lactating Mothers:
Very recently I am coming across lots of mothers who are in deep worry and doubts about breastfeeding. Many keep worrying a lot on “Is my baby getting enough milk? , Is my supply sufficient? My milk is not enough, Shall I introduce formula? “. These are very common queries which make a mother too worried. This is very common for every mother to worry or at the least doubt on if the baby is getting enough milk. There is nothing wrong in this thought.

All that you need to do for reducing this worry is to look for few signs in your baby and take the best care of yourself in every single means. There are many factors which contribute to a healthy supply(qualitative and quantitative) like a healthy body,a happy and peaceful mind, a positive approach to motherhood, nutrition etc. The first point I would like to highlight is a positive mind. And next would be a healthy body.

lactating mothers foods

Pregnancy, baby care, post postpartum are very important phases in a woman’s life. Every woman might undergo these but each one’s experience is very unique. The journey is very beautiful that the mother totally forgets her self in nurturing the newborn. I wish I contribute a little information on the nutrition part of this lovely phase. Breastfeeding exclusively till 6 months is a must for every baby and every mother and until 1-year breastfeeding should be the major source of nutrition. Solids should only complement breastfeeding. You offer loads of nutrition as long as you breastfeed your baby. There is no compulsion to stop breastfeeding at any age.

A breastfeeding mother needs some 500 extra calories approximately. But this, in turn, depends on your individual body weight, food habits, baby’s expectations. Mothers milk is the most nutritious food a baby can have. The quality/nutritional value never deteriorates with any factor. Even when a nursing mother doesn’t eat well, the baby will get all nutrients 100%. The body takes all nutrients from the reserves of the mother even when she doesn’t take enough food. The more the mother’s reserves begin to reduce, it might affect the health of the mother. Hence it is important to take that “EXTRA CARE” on the food of a nursing mother.

foods for lactating mothers

I am not an expert honestly. I am just herewith few food options which will help a breastfeeding mother to improve/increase/maintain milk supply. These might work for you and not me and vice versa too. This is just an attempt to help you with whatever I have known and learnt. These are the results of my experiences, word of mouth from experienced mothers and friends, studies, doctor advice and personal knowledge. I hope and wish this helps you to some extent.

I shall keep updating this section with my recipes and inputs regularly. Please bookmark this page or follow my blog here or like my page at to receive regular updates in your mailbox and facebook.Here below are few suggestions(traditional & modern) based on my experience,elders voice,doctors suggestions and reading.