mambazha mor kuzhambu

Mambazha Mor Kuzhambu Recipe|Mango Yogurt Curry

Mambazha Mor Kuzhambu Recipe:

Mambazha Mor Kuzhambu Recipe with step by step images and detailed procedure

Last weekend when I was casually looking my WhatsApp, this mambazha mor kuzhambu recipe by my beloved friend Sridevi who is a wildlife photographer and a big-time elephant enthusiast. I always struggle with mor kulambu but I love it, especially this version from amma. The picture she had shared was so tempting and I asked her for the recipe. She detailed me the recipe in no time and it became our yummy lunch today. I made slight variations to the recipe 🙂

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2 ingredient mangococonut popsicle

2 Ingredient Vegan Mango Coconut Popsicle

Mango Coconut Popsicle

Mango Coconut Popsicle With detailed recipe and step by step images- Two days back I had excess coconut milk left out after preparing sothi and vegetable stew. Usually, I prefer drinking it with some palm jaggery or making a smoothie. This time I made a smoothie and converted them into Vegan Mango Coconut Popsicles for my little one. All that it takes is 10 minutes of preparation and 4 to 6 hours freezing. Continue reading “2 Ingredient Vegan Mango Coconut Popsicle”

vegan Mango ice cream

Vegan Mango Ice Cream Recipe

Vegan Mango Ice Cream Recipe:

Vegan Mango Ice Cream Recipe with step by step images-Who doesn’t like to have yummy ice cream in this hot summer? The ice cream shops are overloaded and we definitely have plenty of options. But what about kids who love ice creams daily? Offering them store-bought ice creams wouldn’t be the right choice and you will find it for yourself if you run a google search of ingredients used. Continue reading “Vegan Mango Ice Cream Recipe”

mango puree for babies

Mango Puree for Babies-When & How can I offer Mango to my Baby?

Mango Puree for Babies-Is there someone who doesn’t like the “King of Fruits” -Mango?I am sure there would be none.I am a crazy lover of mangoes.I can take it up in any form at any stage, be it raw or ripe. To be frank I would even say that the only best thing about summer is the arrival of mangoes.I really wait the entire year.The varieties astonish me.Many first time moms and new mothers are now having this question of how and when to offer mangoes to babies.So I am coming up with a detailed post on this. My little one was born in April.My paediatrician ensured that I had all fruits and vegetables while breastfeeding especially mangoes since it was the season then.She was so sure not to skip any normal food from my diet chart. She wanted the same with little one too. We tried offering all family foods before 10 months.So, mothers and fathers, mangoes can be offered to babies above 6 months and a breastfeeding mother can definitely consume mangoes. Few babies might throw up because of the strong flavour/smell. It is perfectly normal.Consider the family history of allergies and consult your doctor before trying out mango for the first time. Continue reading “Mango Puree for Babies-When & How can I offer Mango to my Baby?”

Vellai Curry

Vellai Curry/Vellaikari-Tirunelveli Style Kuzhambhu

Vellai Curry(வெள்ளை கறி) is a gravy for rice or idly or dosa based on Tirunelveli Cuisine and this recipe is especially from my family.It is a kuzhambhu variety with no dhal/tamarind/tomatoes.I am not a lover of gravy varieties for rice.My preference is always one-pot meals or some unique and different kuzhambhu like vellaikari or ladies finger coconut milk curry or sothi  You can prepare in a jiffy and serve as an accompaniment to hot steaming rice.Today’s recipe is made with raw banana and raw mango.You can add drumstick or brinjal or potato or ladies finger instead raw banana.Don’t replace raw mango as it is the secret behind the taste of the recipe.Am I making you curious?Come let’s check out the recipe for Vellai curry. Continue reading “Vellai Curry/Vellaikari-Tirunelveli Style Kuzhambhu”

homemade mango jam


Mango Jam Recipe:

MANGOES-I drool when I hear the name,so is my little boy.When the last few mangoes were entering our home I thought of making some mango jam for my son and here is the recipe for you.This recipe is a no white sugar ,no preservative recipe hence it is very safe for your kids.I have already posted beetroot jam and strawberry dates jam recipes.The colour totally depends on the variety of mango used and the type of sugar used.The glaze which you find in beetroot jam is missing here because I have replaced white sugar with palm sugar.LO loves jam and hence I always make jams with various fruits/veggies for him with no sugar and no preservatives.Do give a try and let me know your feedback. Continue reading “HOME MADE MANGO JAM-PRESERVATIVE FREE”

manga pachadi


Manga Pachadi:

Dear all,How are you doing? It has been a long time since I had posted a recipe.The gap was because of few efforts which I was making to convert my blog into a website and Here I am. I am happily sharing with you all my website ““.(Kindly omit adding from now on.Just type

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