mango puree for babies

Mango Puree for Babies-When & How can I offer Mango to my Baby?

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Mango Puree for Babies-Is there someone who doesn’t like the “King of Fruits” -Mango?I am sure there would be none.I am a crazy lover of mangoes.I can take it up in any form at any stage, be it raw or ripe. To be frank I would even say that the only best thing about summer is the arrival of mangoes.I really wait the entire year.The varieties astonish me.Many first time moms and new mothers are now having this question of how and when to offer mangoes to babies.So I am coming up with a detailed post on this. My little one was born in April.My paediatrician ensured that I had all fruits and vegetables while breastfeeding especially mangoes since it was the season then.She was so sure not to skip any normal food from my diet chart. She wanted the same with little one too. We tried offering all family foods before 10 months.So, mothers and fathers, mangoes can be offered to babies above 6 months and a breastfeeding mother can definitely consume mangoes. Few babies might throw up because of the strong flavour/smell. It is perfectly normal.Consider the family history of allergies and consult your doctor before trying out mango for the first time.

Mango Puree For Babies:



mango puree for babies



1.Wash Mango in running water.

mango puree for babies

2.Cut into two halves.

mango puree for babies

3.Scoop out the pulp and add to a blender or mixer.

4.Run it for a minute.

mango puree for babies

5.Serve the mango puree to the baby.Slurp 🙂

mango puree for babiesHealth Benefits Of Mango:

  • Mangoes are powerhouses of Vitamins. They are rich in Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Niacin, Riboflavin, Vitamin K, Vitamin B6 and a lot more.This makes it a super fruit and it contributes to improving the overall health system.
  • Mangoes have a good amount of pectin which helps in preventing cancer.
  • Mangoes help in digestion and cure acidity with the help of the high dietary fibres present.
  • They are rich in Iron and helps in curing Anemia.
  • The Vitamin A and C present helps in delaying ageing, skin care and eye health.
  • The Vitamin B6 helps in brain development and improves memory.
  • The beta-carotene helps in boosting immunity.
  • It controls cholesterol

How to Choose Mangoes?

Mango choosing is an art and skill.It is not always easy I would say and every family will have an expert to choose the right mango.Choose the mango which yields to your slight thumb press and gives a nice aroma.The colour might not be the right indicator always.There are n number of varieties which are available across the world and each one has its own taste and flavour.When you choose mangoes for babies ensure that the mangoes are soft and don’t have a lot of fibres.Gradually you can introduce all variants one by one.

Ensure to have introduced all items before and eliminate allergies.

Always have a word with your doctor before introducing any new food to babies

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