Healthy gulab jamun

Palm Sugar Syrup Gulab Jamun-No white Sugar Gulab Jamun

Palm Sugar Syrup Gulab Jamun:

Gulab Jamun is one sure shot sweet which everybody will have in the list of Diwali sweets. I am no exception. And I have been always thinking of trying jamuns with healthy ingredients instead of ready-mix and replacing the white sugar syrup.
It has been more than a year since I made gulab jamuns. Many of my readers had asked for a healthy alternative for white sugar. So I thought to experiment with that part first and here is the beautiful outcome. Palm sugar Syrup Gulab Jamun recipe is for you now. Next time I will try the entire recipe from scratch with healthy ingredients. To me, deep fry once in a week with the right oil and right quantity is healthy with the right lifestyle. It is not junk.

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