Palm Sugar Syrup Gulab Jamun-No white Sugar Gulab Jamun

Palm Sugar Syrup Gulab Jamun:

Gulab Jamun is one sure shot sweet which everybody will have in the list of Diwali sweets. I am no exception. And I have been always thinking of trying jamuns with healthy ingredients instead of ready-mix and replacing the white sugar syrup.
It has been more than a year since I made gulab jamuns. Many of my readers had asked for a healthy alternative for white sugar. So I thought to experiment with that part first and here is the beautiful outcome. Palm sugar Syrup Gulab Jamun recipe is for you now. Next time I will try the entire recipe from scratch with healthy ingredients. To me, deep fry once in a week with the right oil and right quantity is healthy with the right lifestyle. It is not junk.

Palm Sugar Syrup Gulab Jamun:


palm sugar syrup gulab jamun

1 cup=250 ml

  • Gulab Jamun Mix-100 gms
  • Milk-100 ml
  • Palm sugar-1/2 cup
  • Water-1 cup
  • Cardamom powder-A pinch

I would suggest you follow the measurements given in the pack for making the dough.

palm sugar syrup gulab jamun

Palm Sugar Syrup Gulab Jamun Recipe:


1.Measure the ingredients and keep the ready

2. In a wide bowl mix the gulab jamun mix with milk and make a smooth dough. Add milk little by little.

palm sugar syrup gulab jamun

3. In a wide bowl heat water.

palm sugar syrup gulab jamun

4. Add powdered and filtered(sieved) palm sugar to it and cook in slow flame for 10 minutes.

palm sugar syrup gulab jamun

5. Switch off when an aroma arises and the below consistency is reached. Colour might differ depending on the palm sugar used.

6. In the meantime roll the dough into small balls.

palm sugar syrup gulab jamun

7. Deep fry them in oil. Drain the excess oil(if any)

palm sugar syrup gulab jamun

8. Add to palm sugar syrup. Let it get soaked for 2-4 hours.


9. Gulab jamun with palm sugar syrup is ready to enjoy.

Healthy gulab jamun


The syrup will not be glowing like white sugar syrup.

The shelf in 3 to 5 days at room temperature.

There will be no difference in taste.

I felt added flavour and taste because of palm sugar.

My phone got corrupted and I missed a few steps in between.

The perfect healthy version of this will be with whole wheat flour+home made khoya. I shall try it and share soon.

palm sugar syrup gulab jamun

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palm sugar syrup gulab jamun

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