Jangiri Recipe-Mini Mini Beetroot Jangiri with Palm Sugar Syrup

Jangiri Recipe-Beetroot Jangiri with Palm Sugar Syrup:

Diwali Fever is on and I am so obsessed with trying new recipes with a healthy twist. Jangiri is a healthy sweet recipe which originated in India and is most often confused with Jalebi. Jangiri is made with ground urad dhal and jalebi is made with maida. Jalebi needs fermentation whereas jangiri recipe is instant.Jangiri is chewy and gooey while Jalebi is crunchy. Both have added colours and white sugar syrup.But my recipe today has replaced them completely making it healthy.
I once tried this jangiri when I had excess urad dhal batter and beetroots. They turned super yummy and it was completely approved by my toddler. But then I didn’t attempt clicking step by step pictures or using palm sugar.I am novice cook experimenting healthy alternatives.Imperfections do occur.I didn’t have enough confidence to make several twists. I was really doubtful about the outcome. The swirls of jangiri turned out good only for 2 to 3 ,so I converted the remaining to mini mini jangiris. The hole I made was too small,hence I name them “Mini Mini Beet Jangiri”. Shall we get into the recipe?

JangiriRecipe-Beetroot Jangiriwith Palm Sugar Syrup

Jangiri Recipe-Beetroot Jangiri with Palm Sugar Syrup


Makes 20 mini mini jangiri or 10 normal sized jangiri

  • Urad Dhal-1/4 cup
  • Rice Flour-2 tbsp
  • Beet root-1/4
  • Palm Sugar-1/4 cup
  • Water-1/4 cup

Jangiri Recipe-Beetroot Jangiri with Palm Sugar Syrup


1.Measure all the ingredients and keep them ready

2.Wash and soak urad dhal for 4 hours.

3.Pressure cook beetroot well and keep it aside.

4.Grind the urad dhal with very less water into a smooth batter in grinder. The batter should float when dropped as a small ball in water.

5. Make puree out of beetroot.

6. Add a pinch of salt,the beetroot puree with the urad dhal batter and mix well.

7.Now add rice flour (initially add one tbsp and check for the consistency mentioned in step 4) and mix.If the consistency is not reached add some more flour.

8.To make the palm sugar syrup,heat water in a wide bowl.

palm sugar syrup gulab jamun

9. Add powdered and filtered(sieved) palm sugar to it and cook in slow flame for 10 minutes.

palm sugar syrup gulab jamun

10. Switch off when an aroma arises and the below consistency is reached. Colour might differ depending on the palm sugar used.

11.Usually the the piping is made with a cloth. For ease you can use a zip lock pouch.

12.Invert the zip-lock pouch and make a hole using a heated sharp nail.I used my paniyaram stick/laddle.

13.Invert to the right position and fill the batter.

14.Heat oil in very low flame.The temperature is very important.It should not be piping hot.The jangiri will dissolve.

15.Squeeze and make jangiri in oil. Don’t crowd.

16.Deep fry by flipping sides. Repeat the same for the remaining batter.

17.Drain excess oil and add this to the palm sugar syrup.

18.Let it get soaked in warm syrup for two hours.

JangiriRecipe-Beetroot Jangiriwith Palm Sugar Syrup

20. Take them out using a chopstick or paniyaram stick/ladle and arrange in plate.

Jangiri Recipe-Beetroot Jangiri with Palm Sugar Syrup

21. You can now relish mini mini beetroot jangiris dunked in palm sugar syrup.


You can try the swirls of jangiris in a plate first and then try it in oil if you are not confident.

The colour depends on the amount of beetroot puree used.

You can add the raw puree too.

Ensure that the temperature of oil low.You can even switch off make the jangiri and then cook.

The jangiri should be fried until the hiss sound is gone(Real deep fry). Else they might not turn tasty.

Mine looks similar to thenkuzhal as I made a small hole. Make a little finger size(of a baby) hole for perfect swirl sizes.

Using the Jali Karandi to draw swirls helped me with perfect big jangiris.I drew outline based on the concentric circles of it.

I have to practice more with the perfect shape and size. I wanted to share the healthy version .I will share the picture perfect regular jangiris with the same healthy ingredients soon as I master this.

The frying time depends on the size of the jangiri.

Mini Beet Jangiris


Don’t over crowd them.

This stays good for 3 to 5 days.

Grinding the batter in grinder is highly recommended.

I used the excess urad dhal batter which I ground for idly dosa.

I used the excess syrup from my gulab jamuns

This can be sweet treat to your kids above 1 year.

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Jangiri Recipe-Beetroot Jangiri with Palm Sugar Syrup

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