sago kheer for babies


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Sago Kheer With jaggery:

Sago/Sabudhana/Tapioca pearls are full of carbohydrates and starch, hence provides you with instant energy.I mostly don’t include this except for payasam/kheer/to give a crisp/soft texture to dosa like masala dosa /sponge dosa. I love its texture when added to kheer and my favourite payasam is semiya payasam with javvarisi. Amma made an healthy alternative of it with palm sugar especially for me. I tried this one with jaggery and coconut milk on my hubby’s birthday/Vinayagar Chathurthi this year because hubby doesn’t take milk and sugar and he loves moong dhal kheer with jaggery.Hence this fusion happened.I prefer coconut milk to any animal milk because it is extremely nutritious.If consumed in moderation coconut milk is found to fight and protect us from infections and diseases,Hence I will never miss a chance to use it in my food.My hubby playfully hints me when we run out of coconut and tomato saying “Your heartbeats in the pantry are running out of stock”.To be honest ,I really can’t cook without coconut and tomatoes. It was when I had bought a new mobile , so I was experimenting with my food blog photos with it.I am sincerely looking for your feedback on this.

Here are some recipes which include coconut milk:

Home made coconut milk

sago kheer for babies




Sago Kheer With jaggery:


Serves 3

  • Javvarisi/Sago/Sabudhana/Tapioca Pearls-1/4 cup
  • Jaggery-1/4 cup
  • Coconut Milk-1 cup(thick)
  • Water-less than 2 cups
  • Ghee-To cook
  • Raisins & Cashews-Few
  • Cardamom powder-A pinch

sago kheer for babies

Sago Kheer With jaggery:


1.Measure all ingredients and keep it ready.

2.Soak the sago/tapioca pearls in hot water for half an hour.

sago kheer for babies

3.In a pan heat one cup of water and add the soaked sago to this.

sago kheer for babies

4.Cook in medium flame till it turns soft.

sago kheer for babies

5.Now add jaggery to it and keep mixing in low flame until all powdered jaggery melts and dissolves.

6.When it begins to thicken add ghee roasted raisins,cashews ,cardamom powder and coconut milk.

sago kheer for babies

7.Mix well and switch off the flame immediately.

8.Serve Sago Kheer With jaggery warm.

sago kheer for babies




If you use small sized sago the water required will be less.

Don’t boil after adding coconut milk. The jaggery+milk combo will curdle.

You can also make a thick syrup of jaggery and add to the cooked sago.

My sago pearls were big hence I preferred soaking for some time.

Don’t add jaggery until sago is completely cooked.

You can add 1/2 cup of thick homemade dates syrup instead of jaggery for babies below six months.

Please ensure to have tried all ingredients in any recipe individually and rule out allergies for babies.

Consider the family history of allergies before trying new food.

Please have a word with your doctor before introducing any new food to babies.

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sago kheer for babies



  1. Hai kitchen kathukutty…today my husband bday. Javvarisi paayasam came out very well. Thank you
    I am a person who likes dining table than kitchen. I kept seeing your recipes recently in FB group but only today I tried it and it came very tasty. Your posts are simple and it makes me feel that even I can try it. Waiting to see many posts of yours for beginners (always beginner status only till now) like me who wishes to become kitchen killadis..

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