Molaga Bajji |Chilly Bajji |Mirchi Fritters with Amaranth flour

Molaga Bajji

Mirchi Bajji & a cold evening-This is an unbeatable combo. Hubby is huge fan of this molaga bajji but he doesn’t like much of gram flour.So we found an alternate with amaranth flour/mullai keerai maavu/rajgira flour.I really wanted to try my hands on this miracle flour with some innovative recipe.Usually people include them in making porridges/kheer/energy bars/soups/stews.I somehow wanted to use it very differently.So tried making biscuits and bajji. You will hardly find a difference and it was extremely delicious.Do try and let me know 🙂

And you know something ,this is my 300 th post 🙂 Not really great in 3 years but still I am all happy and excited about this journey.Thanks to each of you 🙂

Molaga Bajji


  • Bajji Molaga/Chilly-2
  • Besan/Gram Flour-2 tbsp
  • Rice Flour-1 tbsp
  • Amaranth Flour-1/4 cup
  • Hing-A pinch
  • Salt-To taste
  • Oil-To deep fry
  • Red Chilly Powder-1/2 tsp
  • Turmeric Powder-1/2 tsp

amaranth flour mirchi bajji

Molaga Bajji Recipe:


1.Measure all ingredients and keep them ready.

2.In a wide bowl add all ingredients except oil,chilly and mix well.

3.Wash the chillies,remove the the centre stalk (seeds).

4.Add some water and make it into a slightly thick batter.

5.Dip and coat the chillies in the batter.

6.Deep fry in oil and drain excess oil.

7.Serve it warm.

My Observations:

The mirchi wouldn’t be spicy after removing the seeds and central stalk.


You can make it the usual way with besan alone.


Don’t make the batter too runny.


Adjust chilly powder based on your taste


Skip salt for babies below six months.


Read below to know about Amaranath Flour:

What is Rajgira flour/Amaranth Flour?


The flour is basically from the seeds of amaranth plant(thandu keerai/mullai keerai in tamil).This is a seed and not a grain like other millets.The seeds are popped up and used in cooking/consumed as such /roasted and ground as flour.The amaranth plant is called Chaulai in Hindi and the seeds are named as Rajgira | Ramdana in Hindi and Marathi, Rajgaro in Gujarati, Mulai Keerai /Thandu Keerai in Tamil and seeds are called Keerai Vithai ,Thotakura Ginjalu, Cheera in Malayalam and Harive in Kannada (plant name).It is actually a pseudo grain to be very precise.It can be either red or white in colour.The seeds are sun dried ,popped up and ground to make the flour.The flour is usually slightly ivory in colour or reddish(if red thandu keerai seeds are popped).


Where can I get it?


You can find them in most super markets/online grocery shopping/organic shops/farmer outlets too. You can either choose to buy the roasted flour as such or use the seeds to grind the flour.You can cook it as a cereal,pop like corn(pop corns),grind into flour and use it.
When can I offer Amaranth flour/seeds to  my baby ?


As early as 180 days plus/six months plus.

Nutritional Information:


It is extremely rich in protein and calcium making it the best protein plant source.It is also rich in other minerals like Iron ,magnesium,phosphorus,zinc,selenium,sodium and copper.It has all essential amino acids and Vitamin B2,B6,B9.

Health Benefits:


1.It is so rich in protein hence daily intake of it will help in equalizing the daily protein requirement of the human body.


2.It helps in reducing the bad cholesterol and good for diabetes.

3.It has good iron content and folic acid and helps during pregnancy


4.It ensures protection of bones and joints.


5.It keeps up the skin and hair follicles rich and good.


6.It speeds up metabolism and also protects from heart diseases.





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