Mixed Fruits Jam-Homemade with Vegetables & Dry Fruits for Babies , Toddlers & Kids-No Sugar & Preservatives

Mixed Fruits Jam-Here is the recipe for homemade mixed fruits and vegetable jam with no added sugar and preservatives.This recipe is a blend of vegetables, fruits, dry fruits and no sweeteners specially curated for babies, toddlers and kids.It is pectin free mixed fruits jam made at home and loaded with a lot of nutrients.I am a lover of mixed fruits jam and I can it as an accompaniment to idly / dosa /roti /bread and even just gobble it up. But the number of preservatives & loaded artificial sugars always makes me scary. I haven’t given my son any store-bought jams.I have always made them at home in healthy ways and below is the recipe for an absolute sugar-free jam after several attempts.

Mixed Fruits Jam Recipe with Step by Step Images:


  • Fruits & Vegetables-1.5 cups
  • Raisins, Dates, Apricot, Peach-1/2 cup
  • Water-1 cup
  • Lemon Juice-2 drops.

You can use carrots,beetroot,mangoes,papaya,banana,strawberry,pineapple,tomatoes.
homemade mixed fruits jam

1.Wash and Rinse all vegetables & fruits.

2.Soak raisins, dates, apricot, peach for 20 minutes

homemade mixed fruits jam

3.Peel and roughly chop the vegetables & fruits.

4.In a pressure cooker add the water used for soaking.

homemade mixed fruits jam

5.Then add all the fruits, vegetables and dry fruits.

homemade mixed fruits jam

6.Pressure cook in medium flame for 5  whistles.

7.After the pressure gets released, cool the cooked vegetables+fruits+dry fruits.

8.Blend them into a smooth paste in a mixer after completely cooling them down.

homemade mixed fruits jam

9.Add to the same pressure cooker and cook in medium flame with occasional stirring for a max of 15 minutes or till it reaches jam consistency.Check below.

home made apple jam

10.In the end, add two drops of lemon juice, mix well.

homemade mixed fruits jam

11.Cool down and store in an airtight container (sterilised)

homemade mixed fruits jam

My Observations:

The fruits & dry fruits added gave enough sweetness to the jam.So I completely skipped adding sugar.

You can add 3-5 tbsp of palm sugar in the recipe for babies above one year.

Choose non-sour and fresh fruits.

Don’t add excess water than mentioned.

The colour and glossy texture seen in the images may differ due to my bad photography skills.

Store it in an airtight container & refrigerate. After few days take it out and give it a deep stir.Only after this, I achieved the looks seen above.The jam wouldn’t look like store bought jams.

Wait till the pressure is released.

Cook only in medium flame.

The images are from two attempts.So they may be variations.

The colour depends on the ingredients and combination of fruits & vegetables used.

The texture depends on the ingredients used.

If you don’t reach jam consistency after the above mentioned time, add 2 tbsp of palm sugar powder and pressure cook for a whistle.Then continue with stirring.This will speed up the process.

I skipped prunes as they have a slightly sour taste.

The choice of fruits and vegetables is yours.

Don’t cook after adding lemon juice and it will become bitter in taste.

Refrigerate and use for 3-6 months.

You can add palm sugar for sweetness if you wish.

This can be offered to babies above six months if made as per the above recipe without any sugar.

To check for the right consistency take a drop and pour it on a plate. If it doesn’t form any traces as shown in the picture, the jam is done.

home made apple jam

Always have a word with your doctor before offering any new food to babies.

Please consider all family history of allergies before trying any new food.

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3 thoughts on “Mixed Fruits Jam-Homemade with Vegetables & Dry Fruits for Babies , Toddlers & Kids-No Sugar & Preservatives

  1. I tried this awesome recipe and it came out wonderful. My kiddo just loved. And Kalyani thank you for your constant guidance through out the process.

  2. Loong time wish to try your recipes. Tried this Jam today and it came out really well. Taste is awesome. Happy to give No sugar, no preservatives jam to my kiddo Thank you sooo much dear

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