Aloo Paratha/Potato Stuffed Paratha

Aloo Paratha or Potato Stuffed Paratha Recipe:

Hello Readers & Friends! How are you doing? It has been around two weeks since I wrote a post. We have been to Tirunelveli to get some fresh air and relish parental love/care. It was an awesome time and I am already missing mom, dad, and grandmom. I chose to stay away from work for this short vacation. Today’s recipe is Aloo Paratha and it has been in my drafts for more than a year I believe. Certain recipes stay like this because of less clarity but at the end, I don’t shoot new too.

Aloo Paratha Recipe:


  • Potato-2 (medium sized)
  • Wheat Flour-1 cup
  • Onion-1 chopped finely
  • Ginger-1 tbsp(grated)
  • Turmeric Powder-1/2 tsp
  • Chilly Powder-1/2 tsp
  • Garam Masala Powder-1/2 tsp
  • Salt-As per taste
  • Ghee/Oil-To cook

Aloo Paratha

Aloo Paratha Recipe:


1. Measure all ingredients and keep them ready.

2.Pressure cook the potatoes. Peel them and mash them after cooling down.

Aloo Paratha


3. In a pan add oil and saute chopped onions, grated ginger till raw smell vanishes.

4. Add the spice powders and mix them well.

Aloo Paratha

5. Let it cool and mix with the mashed potatoes

6. Now add the wheat flour and knead to smooth dough by adding water.

Aloo Paratha

7. Roll the dough into small balls and flatten them to make roti/paratha.

Aloo Paratha

8. Take a spoon(as per your wish) of stuffing and place on the circular dough.

9.Close it as shown in the picture and make it into a ball again.

10.Dust the stuffed dough with wheat flour and use your palms to flatten the paratha or roll with the roller.

Aloo Paratha

11.Cook with ghee.

12. Aloo Paratha is ready to serve.

Aloo Paratha

Aloo Paratha


This turns out extremely soft like phulka(except for the puffy part). You can also make this like cheese paratha or cabbage paratha or turnip paratha I had shared earlier.

You can adjust the spices powder as per taste.

This can be offered for babies above 6 months.

Avoid salt for babies below one year.

Always have a word with your doctor before offering any new food to babies.

Please consider all family history of allergies before trying any new food.

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Aloo Paratha


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