Almond Katli Recipe|Badam Burfi Recipe-With almond flour and palm sugar

Almond Katli Recipe|Badam Burfi Recipe:

Almond Katli Recipe|Badam Burfi Recipe with almond flour/kesar badam mix and zero white sugar. I am sure all of you have begun Diwali preparations and here is my this year special. Many of my readers were eagerly asking for a recipe of Kaju/Badam Katli without white sugar. And finally, here I am with the easiest and healthiest version of almond burfi|Badam katli. All that it takes is less than 20 minutes.

Almond Katli Recipe|Badam Burfi Recipe:


  • Saffron Strands-10
  • Kesar Badam Mix-1 cup (Click for the recipe)
  • Palm sugar(Powdered & Sieveed)-3/4 cup
  • Ghee-5 tbsp
  • Water-1/4 cup


Almond Katli Recipe|Badam Burfi Recipe:

1. Measure all the ingredients and keep them ready.

2. Heat the water in a heavy-bottomed pan. Take 1 tbsp of it and soak the saffron strands. KESAR BADAM BURFI RECIPE2


3. Now add the palm sugar to this and stir. Switch off when it is dissolved. Don’t boil. No string consistency is needed.

KESAR BADAM BURFI RECIPE24.Filter the palm sugar dissolved water twice and thrice. Add it again to the pan and heat in low flame.

5. Now add the kesar badam mix and stir well without lumps. Keep adding ghee for ease of stirring and also the saffron soaked water

KESAR BADAM BURFI RECIPE26. In less than four to five minutes the mixture will begin leaving out from sides. If a small portion gets rolled up to a small ball (non-sticky and soft) it is the right consistency. Switch off the stove immediately.

KESAR BADAM BURFI RECIPE26. Grease a roti maker and drop it on the roti maker. When it is warm enough slowly knead for some time till it becomes dry(say 2 minutes).


7. Now place a butter paper and roll the entire mass into a flat layer using a rolling pin.


8. Use a knife or pizza cutter and make slight cuts.


9. Separate the pieces after it cools down.


10. Kesar Badam Katli is ready.



The entire process should be done in a very low flame.

Palm sugar tends to crystallise very quick than white sugar, so keep checking for right consistency after 4 minutes. It will not take more than 7 minutes maximum.

If you don’t have kesar badam mix, follow the steps given in the recipe and make a smooth powder in mixer and use.

Store in an airtight container after completely cooling.

This stays good for one week.

The flattened burfi will be soft but as it cools it comes to the right texture.

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