Honey Chilli Bean Recipe

Honey Chilli Bean Recipe:

Honey Chilli Bean Recipe is a quick side dish for your variety of rice recipes. It will hardly take 10 minutes to make this and your kids will love this as a simple snack too. I have made this twice and the images are a combination of both of my attempts. In an attempt, I couldn’t source white sesame seeds. This goes best with Jeera Rice. We loved this when we watched in a show of Sanjeev Kapoor.

Honey Chilli Bean Recipe:

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honey chilly beans recipe


Serves 4

  • Cut Beans-1 cup (One-inch size)
  • Honey-1/2 tbsp
  • Lemon Zest- from half lemon
  • Ginger Grated-1/2 tbsp
  • Soya Sauce-2-3 drops
  • Sesame Oil-1/2 tsp
  • Sesame Seeds roasted-1 tbsp
  • Chilly Flakes-As per taste
  • Salt-To taste
  • Ice Cubes-10-12

Honey Chilli Bean Recipe

honey chilly beans recipe


1. Measure and keep all the ingredients ready.

2. In a pan of hot water add the chopped beans and allow it to cook.

honey chilly beans recipe

3. Keep a bowl ready with the ice cubes and When the beans get cooked for 5-7 minutes quickly add the beans to it (After draining the water). This will help in retaining the colour and crisp nature.

4. Drain the water completely from the beans.

5. Add some oil to the pan and sauce the crushed ginger. Add beans to the same pan, drizzle soya sauce and saute for a minute

6. Sprinkle salt and chilly flakes and gently toss it.

7. Switch off and add honey and sprinkle sesame seeds, lemon zest.

8. Add a few drops of lemon juice when you are about to serve.

9. Honey Chilly Beans is ready to serve.

honey chilly beans recipe


The beans should be al dente. Don’t boil it more.

Adjust spices according to your taste.

honey chilly beans recipe

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