Rice Recipes for Lunch Box|Rice Bowl Recipes for Babies & Kids

Rice Recipes for Lunch Box:

Breaking heads thinking what to pack in the lunchbox is a very common thing in every household. This doesn’t spare anyone, be it young couples or parents, bachelors or spinsters. I have been through the same since the day I began cooking and early morning hours have been always the most innovative times. To ease your work & manage your time better here is a collection 40 + lunch box recipes to choose from.

Rice Recipes for Lunch Box:

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Rice Recipes for Lunch Box-Here is a collection of 40 plus rice varieties which are healthy, easy and quick to prepare for lunch and also pack for office goers & school going kids. This has a variety of recipes comprising of the traditional foods like sesame rice,kottanchoru etc. to the recent day attractions like corn pulav, peas pulav etc. Kindly bookmark this page to receive regular updates Click on each link below to read the detailed recipe

      1. Baby Corn Pulao
      2. Vegetable rice with coconut milk
      3. Tomato Rice
      4. Peas Pulao
      5. Sesame Rice(Ellu Sadam)
      6. Urad Dhal Rice
      7. Toor Dhal Rice
      8. Kootanchoru
      9. Vegetable Pulao
      10. Vegetable Fried Rice
      11. Vegetable Biriyani
      12. Mushroom Biriyani
      13. Soybean Rice
      14. Carrot Rice/Carrot Bath
      15. Beetroot Rice/Pulao
      16. Amla/Indian Gooseberry Rice
      17. Sambhar Sadham/vegetable Khicidi
      18. Channa Pulao /Biriyani
      19. Vangi Bath/Brinjal Rice
      20. Brown rice Biriyani
      21. Soy Bean Rice
      22. Raw Mango Rice
      23. Capsicum peas Pulao
      24. Gobi/Cauliflower Rice
      25. Tomato Peas Pulao
      26. Bisibelebath/Sambhar Sadham
      27. Masala bath
      28. Gobi Matar Pulao
      29. Plain Biriyani
      30. Paneer Biriyani
      31. Keerai Sadham
      32. Sweet Corn Pulao
      33. Paneer Peas Biriyani
      34. Vegetable Pulao
      35. Brinjal Rice
      36. Cabbage Amla Rice
      37. Pav Bhaji Pulao casserole
      38. Cauliflower Pulao
      39. Coconut Milk Pulao
      40. Peanut Rice
      41. Seeraga Samba Biriyani
      42. Tawa Pulao
      43. Paneer Fried Rice
      44. Carrot Peas Pulao
      45. Tawa Pulao
      46. Restaurant-style Kuska/Plain Biryani
      47. Coconut Rice
      48. Garudan Samba Bisibelebath
      49. Mann Katti Thuvarai Sadham
      50. Seeraga Samba Carrot Pulao
      51. Mann Kattu thuvarai bisibele bath
      52. Thooyamalli Manga Sadham
      53. Claypot Biriyani



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