Rice recipes for Lunch Box

Rice Recipes for Lunch Box|Rice Bowl Recipes for Babies & Kids

Rice Recipes for Lunch Box


Rice Recipes for Lunch Box


Rice Recipes for Lunch Box:

Rice Recipes for Lunch Box-Here is a collection of 30 plus rice varieties which are healthy, easy and quick to prepare for lunch and also pack for office goers & school going kids.This has a variety of recipes comprising of the traditional foods like sesame rice,kottanchoru etc. to the recent day attractions like corn pulav, peas pulav etc.Click on each link below to read the detailed recipe


    1. Baby Corn Pulao
    2. Vegetable rice with coconut milk
    3. Tomato Rice
    4. Peas Pulao
    5. Sesame Rice(Ellu Sadam)
    6. Urad Dhal Rice<
    7. Toor Dhal Rice
    8. Kootanchoru
    9. Vegetable Pulao
    10. Vegetable Fried Rice
    11. Vegetable Biriyani
    12. Mushroom Biriyani
    13. Soyabean Rice
    14. Carrot Rice/Carrot Bath
    15. Beet root Rice/Pulao
    16. Amla/Indian Gooseberry Rice
    17. Sambhar Sadham/vegetable Khicidi
    18. Channa Pulao /Biriyani
    19. Vangi Bath/Brinjal Rice
    20. Brown rice Biriyani
    21. Soy Bean Rice
    22. Raw Mango Rice
    23. Capsicum peas Pulao
    24. Gobi/Cauliflower Rice
    25. Tomato Peas Pulao
    26. Bisibelebath/Sambhar Sadham
    27. Masala bath
    28. Gobi Matar Pulao
    29. Plain Biriyani
    30. Paneer Biriyani
    31. Keerai Sadham
    32. Sweet Corn Pulao
    33. Paneer Peas Biriyani
    34. Vegetable Pulao
    35. Brinjal Rice
    36. Cabbage Amla Rice



    Please read through each recipe in detail before trying.

    All of these can be given to babies above six months without salt and fewer spices.

    Ensure to have introduced all items before and eliminate allergies.

    Always have a word with your doctor before introducing any new food to babies

    Hope you liked the collection of Rice Recipes for Lunch Box.

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