homemade nachos recipe

Homemade Baked Nachos Recipe-From Scratch

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Homemade Nachos Recipe- Baked Version

The homemade Nachos recipe has been in our to-do list for a long time as both of us are Mexican Foood Lovers. My bestie at Vadodara treats me with tacos, nachos, quesadillas and what not. Tanvi is an expert in serving a platter be it paani puri or Mexican cuisine. The following recipe is as per her guidance majorly. This comes an anniversary special post from Mr.Kalyani.

Homemade Nachos Recipe

I wanted a version without maida and I wanted a no deep fry version too. Hence I baked it in my OTG. You can deep fry too in oil. Beginners in baking please read the healthy baking guide and your manual. The mode and temperatures will differ based on your equipment. Excuse the not so great images. The lighting had gone by the time things were done.

homemade nachos from scratch


Serves 2 -3


  • Maize Flour-1/2 cup
  • Rice Flour-1 tbsp
  • Wheat Flour-1/4 cup
  • Water-1/2 cup
  • Salt-To taste
  • Ajwain-1 tsp
  • Chilly powder-1/4 tsp
  • Pepper powder-1/4 tsp

I just used cream cheese for the dip and paired with homemade salsa.

homemade nachos mexican style

Homemade Nachos Recipe:

1. Measure and keep the ingredients ready.

2. In a wide bowl add everything except water.

how to make nachos at home

3. Give a quick mix and boil the water.

4. Now add the water little by little and keep mixing.

homemade nachos recipe

5. It would be in the gravel stage. Close and keep for 5 minutes.

6. When it is still warm, knead well. Kneading is an important part of this recipe. Knead into a non-sticky smooth dough.

nachos recipe

7. Roll into small balls, flatten as thin as possible and cut into small triangles.

homemade nachos

8. Preheat the OTG to 160 degrees C and layer a tray with a butter paper.


9. Carefully place the cut pieces on the tray and bake with the lower rod on for 7 minutes.

10. Now flip them carefully and bake for 4 – 6 minutes at 160 degrees C. You can slightly with oil the pieces.

homemade nachos recipe

11. Completely cool down and your crispy nachos are ready. Serve with cream cheese dip and salsa.

homemade nachos recipe


You can add a pinch of baking soda if you want.

The thinner you roll the crisper it would be.

When it hot it won’t be crispy.

Keep a close watch to avoid burning. I burnt a batch.

Don’t keep them outside for a long time.

Store in an airtight container with a tissue.

This will take you a minimum of 2-3 hours. Patience is the key.

Observe the temperature and timings for the first batch and alter accordingly.

nachos recipe

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