steamed nendran banana

Steamed Nendran Banana for babies-Steamed Kerala Banana for kids

Nendran Banana/Etham Pazham/Kerala Banana is one of the superfoods I have ever known and seen in terms of taste and nutrients. It is called “King of Bananas”.This recipe had been our favourite snack since childhood and now it is my son’s favourite too.When I was doing my college studies one of the dietitians I had met said one steamed nendran is equivalent to a plate of wholesome breakfast meal.By wholesome she means a complete combination of all nutrients like carbs,vitamins,minerals,proteins etc.It is so tasty,yummy,rich in nutrition and very healthy.It helps in weight gain.The potassium in this banana will help you prevent kidney stones and ulcers. This is a regular staple food for all Keralaites. It is extremely filling and a very simple recipe. Continue reading “Steamed Nendran Banana for babies-Steamed Kerala Banana for kids”

Instant Wheat Appam



As mentioned in my previous post, the upcoming posts would be the recipes of what I had tried for Krishna Jeyanthi. Most of them were first-time trials and I believe I did a good job. This appam is a traditional dish which is usually made from raw rice by grandmother during Karthigai Deepam/Janmasthami etc.

I did try that version too this time. But still due to lack of confidence I had this as a backup. Hubby and my little munchkin loved it and in no time it was all over.I didn’t have enough to even click some ok ok pictures(I know I click only very sumaaar! 🙁 😉 ). Next time I should save some to click better. They just melted in the mouth and the flavour just pulled us to have more and more.You can make it instant or you can rest the batter and do it after a few hours s.

This appam is a usual prasadh in temples of Kerala(Of course recipe has small variations and it is called Unniappam). They just taste divine.Are you confused between appam & aapam now?AAPPAM(ஆப்பம்) is similar to a dosa whereas APPAM(அப்பம்) is similar to dumplings. Appam is usually/traditionally deep-fried. I was scared to deep fry the whole lot hence I used my PANIYARAM PAN. I have given both the ways below. Continue reading “INSTANT WHEAT FLOUR SWEET APPAM | GODHUMAI APPAM-Karthigai Deepam Recipes”

whole grain eggless cooker cake



The Jingle bells season is here and I am drowned in sweet memories of Christmas Celebrations at school and with my friends. My native(Palayamkottai-Known as Oxford of South India) is also famous for the yummy mouth watering plum cakes/Christmas cakes. We would have them flooding from all our friends a week ahead and most of it will be 100% homemade from scratch. Few even prepare the wine used in preparation at home. Continue reading “WHOLE GRAIN CAKE-RAGI WHOLE WHEAT EGGLESS COOKER CAKE”



A very simple puree combination for your little one which is extremely creamy and delicious. This can be offered from 6 months. After 7 months prefer to give this mashed instead of puree.


  • Apple-1(small)
  • Pear-1(Small)
  • Banana-1
  • Water/Formula milk/Breast milk-2 tbsp



1.Wash apple and pear well.

2.Peel and de seed and chop into pieces.

3.Remove the skin of banana and slice.


4.Add them to the blender and grind with water/milk.

5.Serve it immediately.


The colour depends on the variety of apple and banana you use.

I chose the golden pear which is yellow in colour and Indian apple which is soft.

You can also remove the black part of banana and blend.

Do not let this puree stay for a long time.

Adding water is optional.

I don’t prefer cooking fruits as I feel there might be a nutrient loss. You can however steam cook pear and apple gently if you wish.

You can offer this after 6 months after ensuring that your baby is not allergic to any of the above mentioned ingredients.

Always sterlise the bowls you use for baby.

Have a word with doctor before introducing any new food to baby.


Pear is a fruit which has plenty of vitamins,anti oxidants ,dietary fiber and minerals. They come in many varieties and the classification is based on the land of cultivation. They come in various colours and textures. For babies it is okay to peel the skin but for adults and and kids it is recommended to be consumed with the skin. The dietary fibre present helps in curing constipation and it is low calorie fruit. It is a very light,easy to digest and least allergic fruit which is loaded with Vitamin C ,minerals like iron,copper,manganese,magnesium,ribofavin. This fruit in gut-friendly and also prevents from cancer.


Choose a firm and ripe pear. Pears ripe from inside to outside. hence when you thump the fruit,it should hardly yield to the thump. Do not buy a pear which is very soft and easily easily to your thump. It means the fruit in rotten. Refrigeration is not required for pears. If you wish to refrigerate ,do it after it get ripened. The fruit is ready to eat when it yields to a gentle thump.

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ABC Smoothie|Almond Banana Chikku Smoothie|Badam Banana Sapodilla Smoothie

Smoothie vs Milkshake – This has always been a debating topic in my brain. I finally found a simple line to explain its difference.

Smoothies have the fruit as the basic ingredient whereas milkshakes have milk or ice cream as the basic ingredient. I prefer smoothies and milkshakes only when I visit restaurants. Because I believe in actually consuming a fruit as such is always better than smoothie/juice/shakes. When it comes to preparation of shakes I rarely do it for my husband for an evening snack when his schedule is undetermined. I just made a random attempt of making a smoothie for my son and he loved it. I just picked the ingredients at random and blended. From now on I will keep trying more smoothies.I just love that taste. It is a good option for kids who don’t eat fruits as such. Healthy drink for mothers who keep missing meals at the right times.

I love the coinage “ABC smoothie”.. and it just happened 🙂


  • Chikku/Sapota-2
  • Banana-1(small)
  • Almonds-3
  • Milk-2 tbsp
  • Palm sugar-1 tbsp



1.Soak almonds in luke warm milk.

2.Open the chikku into two halves,check for the goodness of the fruit and de seed

3.Use a spoon to scoop the flesh.


4.Now chop the banana.

5.The almonds would have turned soft. You can peel the skin or add such.

6.Blend almond,banana,chikku into a fine paste.


7.Add palm sugar and milk and give a quick run.

8.Transfer to a serving glass.

9.Sip it and dive into divine taste 🙂



You can replace palm sugar with sugar/honey

You can skip milk and add water for babies less than 1 year.

If you prepare for the entire family you can add ice cubes and serve.

You can also use frozen banana and sapota to have a chilled version.

For babies less than one year remove the black seedy part of banana before blending.

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Nendran Banana Fritters/Kerela Banana Fritters/NendraPazha Bajji-Without cooking soda

Nendran Banana Fritters

Bajji/Fritter is an awesome snack option especially when it’s drizzling outside. As I don’t prefer gram flour much this is not a common snack option. I ended up with this recipe when I wanted to make “Pazham pori” – A typical Kerela dish. Since the recipe for maida, I decided to make the usual bajji in a different way. Nendran Banana is an excellent storehouse of nutrients. It is ideal for all ages. My son loves to have it steamed. This can be your toddler snack menu. Continue reading “Nendran Banana Fritters/Kerela Banana Fritters/NendraPazha Bajji-Without cooking soda”