masala roast

Masala Dosa|Masala Roast

Masala Dosa|Masala Roast :

Masala Dosa/Masala Roast has been one of my favourites in childhood. I have enjoyed seeing mommy making it and also having it. You can just make dosa with the usual batter and proceed to add masala whereas this one special recipe from my mom for Masala Dosa. I missed capturing pictures of every step as I was shuttling among many works. Sorry about it. I shall soon update with all images. I have tried my best to explain it right. Let me know for any clarifications. With no much delay let’s get into the recipe of Masala Dosa|Masala Roast now. Continue reading “Masala Dosa|Masala Roast”

sathu maavu dosa



Sathu Maavu/Multigrain Health Mix/Home made cerelac is one regular food in my daily routine. I begin my mornings with this drink and I prefer making roti or dosa twice a week with this so that it gets included in my little one’s diet too. I somehow have not experimented giving him this as a porridge to him because it is always recommended to stop offering porridges as regular meals above 8 months for babies. This dosa recipe was an instant try and it really turned out good in taste.

You can realise the struggle I had in making perfect dosa with the images. Yeah.. Some extra care and patience is required to make this dosa without tearing into pieces.You shall definitely master the skill on your second trial itself for sure. This recipe will be an excellent choice in terms of nutrition and less effort. There is no need to grind or ferment batter to make this dosa.I kindly request you to please read the P.S section for more details.



INSTANT VEGETABLE DOSA or Instant Beetroot Dosa:

When I am super drained of thinking options for dinner, I make some instant choices by mixing a few nutritious ingredients. One such random experiment, which turned to earn a FIVE STAR review from my toddler is here below for you. The recipe is instant to all those who stock idly-dosa batter at home. INSTANT VEGETABLE DOSA or Instant Beetroot Dosa: is an easy and quick way to make your fussy baby include veggies in the meal. The colour and texture will definitely attract children. Give a try and let me know how you liked it. Continue reading “INSTANT VEGETABLE DOSA|CARROT BEET DOSA”

vada curry



Vada Curry is a very flavorful and yummy combination with Set dosa, idly and dosa. This recipe is so special to me because it is MIL’s recipe and my husband’s preparation. Yeah -You read it right. A guest post from my BELOVED BEST HALF. We just love the combo of “SET DOSA & VADA CURRY”.

I planned to post this as a guest recipe when I complete 200 posts. But somehow it got delayed and I am doing it only now and finally, it is out as WOMEN’S DAY SPECIAL. Continue reading “VADA CURRY”


Set Dosa:

Set dosa and the vada curry-The favourite combo of my dad and my son. I have tried several versions of set dosa and this one gives the best taste and the dosa is so fluffy and spongy with no soda/eno added. This recipe is my guest post for Shravs Kitchen. Hope you remember her recipe of Mushroom Thoran-An authentic Kerela recipe with mushrooms.Thank you Swathy for honouring with an opportunity to write a guest post. Continue reading “SET DOSA|SPONGE DOSA|POHA & BLACK GRAM DOSA”

Moong dhal chilla



Moong dhal is an excellent source of protein and it is comparatively less gastric in nature. This is the reason it becomes one of the first foods for babies. Cooking moong dhal is so easy and quick. making pesarattu with green gram is a very common menu in my cooking and I tried uthappam as I wanted to make a veg version of the omelette.

Most recipes used besan. I was little hesitant to make a try with besan/gram dhal flour hence I made it with moong dhal. I tried making crispy dosa with these ingredients. You can try it too for your little one. Check recipe here.


Chola dosai|Jowar Dosa|Sorghum Dosa Recipe

Chola dosai|Jowar Dosa|Sorghum Dosa Recipe:

When you get super bored of usual breakfast and dinner recipes, you can make some quick instant dosa like wheat dosa, ragi dosa and here is another healthy instant dosa of sorghum/jowar/cholam. You can either have these flours prepared at home and choose to buy organic flours. I generally don’t opt for instant menus as most of them don’t happen to be healthy. But when it comes to these recipes, they are super powerhouses of nutrition. I have always loved to include millets in my recipes and do read my detailed insight on millet with recipes here. Continue reading “Chola dosai|Jowar Dosa|Sorghum Dosa Recipe”

plantainpith dosa

Plantain Stem/Vazhaithandu/Plantain Pith Dosa

Plantain Pith Dosa:

How do you include plantain pith/vazhaithandu/plantain stem in your food? Stir fry/Juice/Curry? I love it as pickle or in dosa. A very simple but power packed nutritious which is my all time favourite is the plantain pith dosa. My Perimma introduced this to me and it is an unique variant in dosa. I had sent this as a guest post to Mrs.Gouthami Yuvarajan’ s food blog Clicks n Bites. Occasionally we met in the blogging world and I just love her clicks. Both of us are budding bloggers and young mothers. Her recipes are definitely unique and  will tempt you to try for sure. Looking out for a great blogging journey with her and I wish her all the very best in all her endeavors.  Thanks again Gouthami. Let us have a look at the recipe in detail here. Continue reading “Plantain Stem/Vazhaithandu/Plantain Pith Dosa”


Green Gram/Whole Moong Bean Dosa

Green Gram Dosa or Pesarattu:

Green gram is one of the richest sources of protein and it can be used as raw in sathu maavu/baby porridge mix, sprouts can be included in salads, cooked and included in your gravies/kulambu/rice. I have the habit of making dosa with dried green peas ,half split moong dhal and all lentils. The green gram dosa is also called pesarattu and it originates in Andhra Pradesh. Your baby can have it with any chutney post 10 months.
Continue reading “Green Gram/Whole Moong Bean Dosa”