Cucumber Dosa Recipe

Cucumber Dosa Recipe

Last night when I was looking into my pantry for today’s meal preparation, I had ashgourd, bottle gourd and cucumber. Planning my menu ahead is a usual ritual in my daily routine. This helps me in completing the entire cooking for the day in an hour and a half. I was initially planning to bottle gourd dosa but then suddenly thought why not try the same with cucumber and tada morning we had flavourful summer special cucumber dosa.

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Cucumber Dosa Recipe

Serves 3


  • Dosa rice-1.5 cups
  • Cucumber- 3
  • Ginger-A small piece
  • Green Chilly-2
  • Salt-To Taste
  • Oil-To drizzle

Cucumber Dosa Recipe

Cucumber Dosa Recipe


1. Measure all the ingredients and keep them ready.

2. Wash and soak the rice overnight or 4 hours.

3. Rinse the rice well and drain the water.

Cucumber Dosa Recipe

4. Chop the cucumber randomly and save half of it for grating and adding to the batter.

5. In a blender grind the chopped cucumber, green chilly, ginger, salt and rice into a smooth paste.

Cucumber Dosa Recipe

5. Add the grated cucumber and coconut to the ground mixture and mix well.

Cucumber Dosa Recipe

6. The batter is ready.

7. Heat a dosa pan, grease with oil and heat.

8. In medium flame spread the batter.

9. Drizzle some oil, cover and cook.

10.Flip sides and cook.

Cucumber Dosa Recipe

11. Cucumber dosa is ready.

12. Repeat the same for the remaining batter.

13. Serve it with any spicy chutney.

Cucumber Dosa Recipe


Choose tender and juicy cucumbers.

Spreading the dosa batter needs utmost care.

Don’t add water while blending.

Serve it warm.

There is no need for fermentation.

This can be offered to babies above 6 months without salt.

Always have a word with your paediatrician before trying new foods for babies.

Rule out the family history of allergies before trying new ingredients.


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