vegan butter scotch muffins recipe

Vegan Butter Scotch Muffins Recipe

Vegan Butter Scotch Muffins RECIPE:

That was a huge gap after vegan chocolate pudding recipe and the reason behind is the transfer we have got and so I was busy with personal works. After a long time, I made an attempt to bake muffins and as usual, it was an experiment to make a vegan muffin in butterscotch flavour with whole wheat flour and jaggery. This vegan butterscotch muffins recipe is a super easy one. Continue reading “Vegan Butter Scotch Muffins Recipe”

strawberry jam recipe

Strawberry Jam Recipe for toddlers and kids-No white sugar No preservatives

Strawberry Jam Recipe:

This strawberry jam was made 4 months ago and I have few spoons remaining and today I am posting the recipe of the strawberry jam without pectin or any preservatives for your toddlers and kids. Are you trying out CTM as suggested? How is it working? There are a lot of sugarless and no preservative jam recipes already posted here Continue reading “Strawberry Jam Recipe for toddlers and kids-No white sugar No preservatives”

Homemade serum for glowing face-Flaxseed gel recipe

Homemade serum for face:

Homemade serum for the face with step by step images and procedure-As I had mentioned in CTM post to share the serum recipe for glowing face after a few days(once your skin is used to CTM process).The recipe below can be stored for a month in an airtight container and can be used for your skin and hair. I have incorporated this into my daily CTM routine. So CTSM is my routine. Come let’s check out the recipe.

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KudamPuli Charu|Malabar Tamarind or Kokum Extract

KudamPuli Charu|Malabar Tamarind or Kokum Extract

KudamPuli Charu|Malabar Tamarind or Kokum Extract:

Kudampuli or Kodampuli is Garcinia indica also commonly called as “Kokum or Malabar Tamarind”.Kudampuli is an essential part of Kerala, Maharastra & Goa cuisines. I was introduced to this in 2012 when I began cooking. This was suggested as a replacement for our normal tamarind by Dr.Selva Shanmugam. A mention of this has been made already here Continue reading “KudamPuli Charu|Malabar Tamarind or Kokum Extract”

Homemade Jam Recipes For Toddlers & Kids-No Sugar Recipes

Homemade Jam Recipes For Toddlers & Kids-No Sugar Recipes:

There is no kid who isn’t fond of jams and there is no parent who is scared about preservatives. I am definitely one among the parents and also the kids.Yes.A huge fan of Jam is here. My little one was not introduced to any jams until he was two plus. The first jam he had was the strawberry dates jam & he just wiped the jar clean.

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Garlic Podi Poondu Idly Powder Recipe

Garlic Podi|Poondu Idly Podi Recipe

Garlic Podi|Poondu Idly Podi Recipe:

Idly podi/Gun Powder is an unbeatable combo with idly and dosa. It is the most common dish which can be found in all South Indian Households as it is easy and quick. There are several variations which can be made to the recipe and it differs from family to family. I have already posted a version without garlic with sesame seeds which amma usually makes and the below Garlic Podi|Poondu Idly Podi Recipe is with garlic and without sesame seeds. Continue reading “Garlic Podi|Poondu Idly Podi Recipe”

pudina podi recipe

Pudina Podi Recipe|Mint Podi-How to make Pudina Podi at home?

Pudina Podi Recipe:

Hello Folks! How are you doing? I am not sure if I had communicated already about our transfer. We are moving out of Delhi finally. My days were too jam packed with those and couldn’t post recipes regularly. Today’s recipe is mint podi or pudina podi which was tried by my beloved better half one fine day. He made an attempt all of a sudden and it turned out well. The pudina podi can be used for babies above six months as an accompaniment to idly/dosa/steaming hot rice with ghee. It is very mildly spiced. It is too simple to make and stays good for 3 months. You can use this just as thengai podi
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Home Made Pineapple Jam For Toddlers-No White Sugar/No Preservatives

Home Made Pineapple Jam For Toddlers:

Homemade Pineapple Jam has been in my to-do list since a very long time. One of my besties had asked me to try it without preservatives and white sugar and share.The recipe doesn’t have white sugar or any artificial colour/additives or preservatives.I have already posted homemade jam recipes without any added sugar and many other variants. You can find them here

No sugar mixed fruit jam

Homemade Beet Jam

Dates Strawberry Jam

Apple Jam

Mango  Jam

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Watermelon Granita

Watermelon Granita-One Ingredient Recipe

Watermelon Granita recipe-

Granita is a frozen dessert usually made with 2 or 3 ingredients. I have been working on making a healthy version of fruit granita and clicking it successfully. Yeah…Clicking was tougher than figuring out a healthy watermelon granita recipe. Granita may make you think something great or tough. The name is just a sophistication. It is just like the jalfrezi which made me super mad to even to give a try. Granita is nothing but freezing any fruit juice or combination of juices with sweetener, raking/scraping, and serving…No gulping 🙂 I tried 3 to 4 variants and none at home has so far had a chance to even taste. Yep. I gulped the moment I clicked. Something like the Indian Kola sticks which is one of the famous street foods. Without taking much of your time let me share the watermelon granita recipe.

Watermelon Granita

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no churn strawberry icecream

Strawberry Icecream Recipe-No Churn No Cook Eggless 3 Ingredients Recipe for Kids

Strawberry Icecream Recipe:

Hello everybody 🙂 How do you do? It has been more than 2 weeks since I posted a recipe on my blog. We had a quick trip to our native and was away from home. I made all plans and had around 20 recipes to post during this period. But once we started travelling I didn’t get my mood back to sit and work. In simple words, I took a break and fed my laziness 😉 Continue reading “Strawberry Icecream Recipe-No Churn No Cook Eggless 3 Ingredients Recipe for Kids”