sabudana cutlet recipe

Sabudana Cutlet|Sabudana Tikki Recipe

Sabudana Cutlet|Sabudana Tikki Recipe:

Last week I saw a javvarisi paniyaram/bonda recipe on Adupangarai TV show and that is when I got this idea of Sago/Javvarisi Cutlet. The best part of Sabudana Cutlet|Sabudana Tikki Recipe is the recipe didn’t have the need for any binding agent. Because every time when I have to try cutlet I won’t be much convinced in using bread crumbs(though homemade and whole wheat ) and ground poha yielded a different taste. Continue reading “Sabudana Cutlet|Sabudana Tikki Recipe”

no bake potato wedges recipe

No Bake Potato Wedges/Sticks Recipe

No Bake Potato Wedges/Sticks Recipe:

A few weeks back paneer fried rice and No Bake Potato Wedges/Sticks Recipe was our weekend special. Between the two my FB group friends had asked for this recipe and hence posting it today. There are already recipes of no-bake sweet potato wedges and baked potato wedges. This is an excellent snack box option and also a great finger food for babies above 6 months of age to help in self-feeding.

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Veg Seekh Kabab Recipe|Veg Kebab Recipe

Veg Seekh Kabab Recipe|Veg Kebab Recipe

Veg Seekh Kabab Recipe|Veg Kebab Recipe:

How have you been folks? It has been more than a month since I shared a recipe from my kitchen. The Veg Seekh Kabab was prepared on 19 th of January and I am here after 40 plus days sharing it with you. On that day, there was an ad which accidentally popped out on my timeline with many kebabs images. I thought I would give it a try. We enjoyed relishing this and it eventually became my son’s favourite. Continue reading “Veg Seekh Kabab Recipe|Veg Kebab Recipe”

Mushroom Kola Urundai

Mushroom Kola Urundai

Mushroom Kola Urundai Recipe:

Hello Friends! How was your long weekend? We had an awesome trip to ravishing Rajasthan and enjoyed a totally new type of holiday with camel safari at the dunes, parasailing, quad bike race and a lot more. Definitely a lifetime experience it was. Todays’ recipe is a guest post. This is from the same contest I had mentioned earlier. It is from the group “Roasts n Grinds”. We had called for healthy recipes with tofu/mushroom/soya and healthy baking recipes. The recipe is Mushroom Kola Urundai/Stuffed Mushroom Balls by Bhuvana Selvaraj. You may find all mushroom recipes here Continue reading “Mushroom Kola Urundai”

Spinach Soup For Babies,Toddlers and Kids

Spinach Soup for Babies,Toddlers and Kids

Spinach Soup for Babies, Toddlers and Kids:

Spinach/Keerai/Greens-All of us are very well aware that they are rich in nutrients and every parent would have a huge struggle making kids consume keerai/spinach. I myself prefer only very few recipes to include keerai/spinach in my food. I have already posted recipes of keerai dosa/spinach dosa, keerai masiyal/spinach puree, keerai sadham/spinach rice , methi dhal fry and ragi keerai adai. Continue reading “Spinach Soup for Babies,Toddlers and Kids”

Chettinad Urulai Curry

Chettinad Urulai Curry-Small Potato Gravy

Chettinadu Urulai Curry-Chettinadu cuisine is known for its unique flavours and taste. We had bought a bag of small potatoes and I had to make different recipes with it to finish the stock. I made a biriyani, simple gravies, deep fry, shallow fry and tikka. I had this recipe in my mind for a long time and I tried as I had to finish the stock too. The recipe of Chettinad Urulai Curry/Small Potato Gravy is very simple and it can be made in a jiffy. We relished it with rice. You can serve the Chettinad Urulai Curry with dosa/idly and even rotis. Today being teachers day I extend my warm wishes and heartfelt gratitude to all my teachers through my school and college and all my mentors at work and life. This is the noblest profession and I salute all real noble souls. Continue reading “Chettinad Urulai Curry-Small Potato Gravy”

Aloo Paratha

Aloo Paratha/Potato Stuffed Paratha

Aloo Paratha or Potato Stuffed Paratha Recipe:

Hello Readers & Friends! How are you doing? It has been around two weeks since I wrote a post. We have been to Tirunelveli to get some fresh air and relish parental love/care. It was an awesome time and I am already missing mom, dad, and grandmom. I chose to stay away from work for this short vacation. Today’s recipe is Aloo Paratha and it has been in my drafts for more than a year I believe. Certain recipes stay like this because of less clarity but at the end, I don’t shoot new too.

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Baked Potato Wedges

Baked Potato Wedges for babies,toddlers & kids

Baked Potato Wedges

With step by step recipe & images-Can be made on tawa too.

My son is finishing his first year at school and his institution is having a small party for kids. Parents were asked to send some simple party snacks and my friend Gouthami suggested this Baked Potato Wedges recipe from her blog last evening.

She also suggested me to make the preparation works at night so that I can just bake /toast on a tawa today morning. I gave small tweaks to her recipe and made everything ready last night.I was so scared because I had failed twice before in baking gobi and potatoes but today baked potato wedges turned out to be a super hit.

I am saving this recipe for all my further attempts.The colour, texture , taste ,flavour of baked potato wedges was so perfect and super yummy. And an additional good thing about this recipe is you make it by just shallow frying in a tawa too. Come let’s see the recipe while I keep waiting for my son to get back with his feedback.

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sweet potato paratha


Sweet Potato Paratha Recipe:

Hello guys! How are you doing? How were your Diwali celebrations? We had been to our native and back just now after a refreshing vacation. It was all fun with family and friends. We have started missing all and home already. I am sure many of you would share the same feeling after leaving home. Coming to today’s recipe it is one of the quickest paratha recipes I had made. Am I sounding silly? Maybe.I am not an expert in making parathas. I somehow miss the exact shape or fail at something. When compared to those earlier attempts of mine this came out better. It has now become one of our usual dinner options. Continue reading “SWEET POTATO PARATHA”