double beans curry recipe

Double Beans Curry Recipe

Double Beans Curry Recipe:

There are n number of times I have seen double beans in shops but somehow never attempted to pick or try. My man insisted to give it a try this time and I made a random try in a way similar to this and to my surprise, the double beans curry recipe came out so well and the combo with rice was simply delicious. Continue reading “Double Beans Curry Recipe”

vegetable kuruma recipe

Restaurant Style Vegetable Kurma Recipe


Restaurant Style Vegetable Kurma Recipe:

The restaurant-style vegetable kurma recipe is one of the longest pending recipes from my side. I have tried this in various ways and this specific version is a keeper and it is exactly the same as HSB kurma. The below recipe is a modified version from here. I have already posted one vegetable kurma and a version white korma. Of all the three this is one most liked by the family and also my husband’s colleagues. Continue reading “Restaurant Style Vegetable Kurma Recipe”

palakottai kuzhambu recipe

Palakottai Kuzhambu Recipe|Jackfruit Seed Gravy

Palakottai Kuzhambu Recipe

Hello everybody!Happy International Labour Day! How are you doing? It has been two weeks since I had posted. We were on a short trip to native for our family function and just got settled. Today’s palakottai kuzhambu recipe is a new trial in my kitchen. We had jackfruit from the South Indian Stores here and the seeds were lying & tadaa this recipe

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Kadai Paneer Gravy Recipe-How to make restaurant style kadai paneer?

Kadai Paneer Gravy Recipe:

Kadai Paneer Gravy is one of the simplest gravies which goes well with rice and roti. This is one way in which you can make a quick gravy. There are several variations to this and you can alter it as per your taste. Check out other paneer recipes here Continue reading “Kadai Paneer Gravy Recipe-How to make restaurant style kadai paneer?”

Mushroom Roast Recipe

Mushroom Roast Recipe-South Style Mushroom Roast Recipe

Mushroom Roast Recipe:

This is a guest post recipe which I received from a sweet blogger buddy Sujana who owns not forget to visit her website which has beautiful contents from a wide range of topics. She is one of the gems I found in social media and she readily accepted my offer to share a guest post for my blog anniversary. Owing to my travels I couldn’t share this immediately. Thank you so much for this awesome recipe and always being a big supporter & motivator dear. Continue reading “Mushroom Roast Recipe-South Style Mushroom Roast Recipe”

Kerala Style Payaru Curry

Kerala Style Payaru Curry|Green Gram Curry|Cherupayaru Curry

Kerala Style Payaru Curry:

How did you like the sweet potato wedges recipe? I am so happy with the response. It is the feedback you give which makes me keep doing more and helps me stay in track. Today’s recipe is Kerala Style side dish with Green Gram or Whole Moong-Kerala Style Payaru Curry. Continue reading “Kerala Style Payaru Curry|Green Gram Curry|Cherupayaru Curry”

Kaalan Uppukari

Mushroom Uppu Kari/Kaalaan Uppukari

Mushroom Uppu Kari/Kaalaan Uppukari:
Todays’ recipe is a guest post. This is from the same contest I had mentioned earlier. It is from the group “Roasts n Grinds”. We had called for healthy recipes with tofu/mushroom/soya and healthy baking recipes. Hope you remember the mushroom recipes collection and previous guest posts tofu polichathu, mushroom kola urundai and wheat tofu momos from the contest.One more addition to the same set.

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paneer tikka and baby potato tikka recipe

Paneer Tikka Recipe-In Oven/OTG

Paneer Tikka Recipe:

Our family is a huge fan of tandoori paneer tikka. We used to make it so often during the early of our purchase of our OTG. Little one loves it to be served with the skewers. He finds the paneer tikka recipe to be so interesting to grab from the skewers. My best half loves only paneer tikka when it comes to paneer recipes due to the spicy nature of the recipe. I just followed the recipe available with the manual. The recipe is the same for baby potato tikka too.

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