My hunt for sustainable and eco-friendly alternatives will never end and one such amazing find is this herbal bath powder recipe and my CTSM routine. We have been suffering from severe skin issues due to the frequent change of places and dry nature of Vadodara. This February, after repeated hunts and several trials, I began sticking on this recipe of herbal bath powder.


Until we moved out for college studies, the self-care products were completely homemade and grandmom and mom took great efforts to keep them eco-friendly and harmless. Once I started moving out sticking on to such things took back seat. I recently saw this profile in insta and it triggered me to get back to the old practices. I followed her and I tweaked it the bath powder recipe and tried.

FIL used to buy from authentic shops and send us. But I was so unhappy about the packaging and materials used for sending across. The landfill was increasing. Hence I came to a conclusion to make it at home.

The herbal bath powder can be used by everybody above 8 years(provided you are not prone to allergies or sensitive skin reactions.)For men, skip the turmerics and use them. This is an excellent alternative to your soaps/body wash/face wash. It has been close to 6 months we made the switch and the results are excellent.

How to use herbal bath powder?

You can use this to wash your face by mixing with plain water or rose water or milk or curd twice a day(maximum). During the bath, mix the required quantity with rice water or raw milk, apply on your skin, gently rub and rinse well.



  • Poolankilangu/Pookilangu/White Turmeric-100 gms
  • Vetiver/Khus roots-25 gms
  • Wild Turmeric/Kasthuri Manjal-100 gms
  • Avarampoo/Tanner’s Cassia-100 gms
  • Rose Petals-100 gms
  • Tulsi Leaves-100 gms
  • Neem Leaves-100 gms
  • Bengal Gram-250 gms
  • Green Gram-250 gms
  • Orange Peels-100 gms
  • Athimadhuram/Licorice-50 gms


1. Check for any impurities in the ingredients.

herbal bath powder recipe

2. Spread them well and completely sundry for 10 days.

3. Give them in a mill and get it finely powdered.

herbal bath powder recipe

4. Homemade herbal bath powder is ready.


Every ingredient must be completely dry.

None of them should even be slightly damp.

After grinding spread it across in a plate and then store in an airtight container.

Keep a small quantity for daily usage and store the remaining in the refrigerator.

This stays good for 6 months plus.

Feel free to skip if you are allergic to any of the ingredients.

Apply oil on your skin before sleep and moisturise immediately after the bath.

Don’t rub harsh or scrub or let it completely dry like a pack daily.

The colour might vary depending on ingredients.

This herbal bath powder helps in removing sun tan, removing body odour, keeping your skin soft/supple/fresh. Continual usage will help in clearing out all skin issues naturally.

I sourced the ingredients from supermarket and garden in Tirunelveli,

I brought the powder here wrapped in a brown paper bag and completely secured with newspapers and rope(Grandma’s packing )

You can source the ingredients from any herbal stores. I don’t prefer buying them online as they come with huge packaging material which is not compostable.

Always do a patch test before trying this.

Use a dry spoon and store in a dry place.

We have been using for 5 months and our skin is normal & dry respectively.

Each skin is unique. It might suit one person and it might not suit another one.

Approximately 1.5 kgs of powder cost me 300 rupees.

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