Hotel Style Kuska Recipe-Plain Biryani Recipe

Hotel Style Kuska Recipe with step by step images:

I have already posted a style of Kuska Biryani and Seeraga Samba Veg. Biryani which are our family favourites. This one was tried by me last week and I still can feel the aroma and flavour even now as I see the pictures. This was a great hit in the family. Continue reading “Hotel Style Kuska Recipe-Plain Biryani Recipe”

Paasi Payaru Kulambu

Green Moong Curry| Kongu Style Paasi Payaru Kulambu

Paasi Payaru Kulambu:

One of the earliest recipes which I learnt from my roommates. They both belonged to the Kongu Naadu and this is a version of the green gram curry I make. I am sure there are several versions of it from the Kongunaadu cuisine. A very quick and healthy curry you can make with green moong is this Paasi Payaru Kulambu. Continue reading “Green Moong Curry| Kongu Style Paasi Payaru Kulambu”


Bechamel Sauce Pasta-With Whole Wheat Fusili

Bechamel Sauce Pasta

When Alaguchitra from Cake Moments posted this recipe in a FB group with mushrooms I wanted to try it.Yeah!I am a lover of pasta. I readily had stock of whole wheat fusilli from Fab India. And there you go one of the best pasta recipes I have ever made/had. Bechamel Sauce is white sauce in a thicker version from the French Kitchen. So this is a fusion dish combining Italian & French cuisines. Continue reading “Bechamel Sauce Pasta-With Whole Wheat Fusili”

Murungai Keerai Poricha Kulambu

Murungai Keerai Poricha Kulambu:

Poricha kulambu or Puliacurry is a dish from Tirunelveli Cuisine. This Murungai Keerai Poricha Kulambu is not only rich in nutrition but also has medicinal benefits. This is served for pregnant and breastfeeding mothers, sick children. The dish is super quick to make. You can check my poricha kulambuĀ recipe here Continue reading “Murungai Keerai Poricha Kulambu”

baked sweet potato chipss

Baked Sweet Potato Chips

Baked Sweet Potato Chips:

Baked Sweet Potato Chips is a baked recipe from me after a long time. I gave a random trial in the morning and honestly burnt half a batch and succeeded with the remaining half. You can even make this completely oil-free too. Skip the oil if you want an oil-free version and follow the rest as such. If you are a first-time baker refer to my detailed notes here and then proceed. Continue reading “Baked Sweet Potato Chips”

Curry Leaves Navratan Dhal Adai

Curry Leaves Navratan Dhal Adai

Curry Leaves Navratan Dhal Adai:

After enjoying the navratan dhal bonda we have begun to include them often in our cooking and this navratan dhal adai was first introduced by a friend in Delhi during our farewell dinner. I made slight modifications and here is the recipe of protein-rich and soft Curry Leaves Navratan Dhal Adai.

Continue reading “Curry Leaves Navratan Dhal Adai”

Kurunai Dosai-Black Gram Dosa

Kurunai Dosai-Black Gram Dosa

Kurunai Dosai-Black Gram Dosa

Kurunai Dosai-Black Gram Dosa is a traditional recipe from our family. The calcium-rich version of usual dosai has recently become a regular part of our weekly menu. Husband just loves the soft and crispy version and this is the only dish he agrees to have repeatedly on a day. There are two versions to this recipe. Continue reading “Kurunai Dosai-Black Gram Dosa”

whole wheat vermicelli recipe

Whole Wheat Vermicelli Recipe-Sweet Version

Whole Wheat Vermicelli Recipe:

I happened to find this whole wheat vermicelli in the South Indian Stores here and on seeing the ingredients list with “whole wheat flour” I thought I should give a try. The normal vermicelli are meant for very rare use in our kitchen as it is not wholesome food. To my surprise, my little master loved this whole wheat vermicelli recipe so much. The vermicelli is from Narasus coffee brand. Continue reading “Whole Wheat Vermicelli Recipe-Sweet Version”

Navratna Dhal Mini Bonda Recipe

Navratna Dhal Mini Bonda Recipe

Navratna Dhal Mini Bonda Recipe:

Today marks one year anniversary of KitchenKathukutty Group and this Navratna Dhal Mini Bonda Recipe was our evening snack yesterday. I could not find time to post the recipe as soon as I tried. You will find navratna dhal in every grocery shop here. You can choose to mix nine different lentils too for this recipe. Continue reading “Navratna Dhal Mini Bonda Recipe”

aval paal or milk poha recipe

Aval Paal or Milk Poha Recipe

Aval Paal or Milk Poha Recipe:

Hola Folks, wishing you a happy Vijayadasami/Dussehra. So I am here after a very long time after tawa paneer recipe with Kesar Badam Poha Recipe. My son had a very bad illness episode and hence couldn’t get connected with blogging. Here is simple 5 minute Aval Paal or Milk Poha Recipe Continue reading “Aval Paal or Milk Poha Recipe”