bread bajji recipe

Bread Bajji Recipe

Bread Bajji Recipe:

Bread Bajji is an instant snack you can make without many preparations. Even with another bajji like raw banana or nendran banana or onion or potatoes slicing is a challenge. But this bread bajji recipe is super simple. We relished along with our friends at Delhi last September. I have used whole wheat bread. Continue reading “Bread Bajji Recipe”

Whole Wheat Spinach Corn Momos Recipe

Whole Wheat Spinach Corn Momos Recipe

Whole Wheat Spinach Corn Momos Recipe:

Whole wheat Spinach Corn Momos was our breakfast today and the taste still lingers in my tongue. All of us relished even without the momos chutney¬†Husband makes perfect momos but we wanted to try with homemade whole wheat flour. Yes, we grind red wheat(samba godhumai-not the rava) and use for rotis and even baking. This homemade whole wheat flour is slightly darker in colour and very healthy( with the husk). Continue reading “Whole Wheat Spinach Corn Momos Recipe”

sabudana cutlet recipe

Sabudana Cutlet|Sabudana Tikki Recipe

Sabudana Cutlet|Sabudana Tikki Recipe:

Last week I saw a javvarisi paniyaram/bonda recipe on Adupangarai TV show and that is when I got this idea of Sago/Javvarisi Cutlet. The best part of Sabudana Cutlet|Sabudana Tikki Recipe is the recipe didn’t have the need for any binding agent. Because every time when I have to try cutlet I won’t be much convinced in using bread crumbs(though homemade and whole wheat ) and ground poha yielded a different taste. Continue reading “Sabudana Cutlet|Sabudana Tikki Recipe”

radish dosai recipe

Radish Dosai Recipe or Mullangi Dosai

Radish Dosai Recipe:

Radish Dosai Recipe is a lifesaver recipe I found I say. Recipes with Radish are hand few and I always end up with sambhar or chutney or paratha or soup or stir fry or salads. As I was hunting for some interesting recipes from Radish, Anuja Rajkumar shared this recipe in a FB group. I have been hunting for radish since the day I saw her recipe and I bought this Sunday. Continue reading “Radish Dosai Recipe or Mullangi Dosai”


Nendran Chips Recipe|Kerala Banana Chips|Ethakka Upperi

Nendran Chips Recipe:

Nendran Chips recipe is from my husband and he is the one who is a master in making the perfect crispy non-oily banana wafers. It has been a year since I clicked this and here I am posting it with Onam approaching. The pure smell and flavour of coconut oil with these chips is heavenly and you will be tempted to try them when to travel to Kerala and Tirunelveli/Courtallam. Mom makes all variety of chips at just a breeze with the wooden traditional cutter. Continue reading “Nendran Chips Recipe|Kerala Banana Chips|Ethakka Upperi”

Spring Onion Paratha Recipe

Spring Onion Paratha Recipe :

Spring onion paratha recipe is perfect for breakfast or dinner or kids lunch box. I love the flavour of spring onion but was restricted to adding it for garnishing in fried rice and Manchurian and spring onion kootu. Today morning tried this spring onion paratha recipe and it was an instant hit at home

Continue reading “Spring Onion Paratha Recipe”

Kara Seedai Recipe

Kara Seedai Recipe

Kara Seedai Recipe

Kara seedai recipe or uppu seedai is one of the must-have recipes during Krishna Jayanthi. I have never tried it fearing that it might burst. Anybody whom you have a word about seedai will say about the burst diaster. I wanted my trial to be burst free. Hence I talked with all elders and collected all pointers. Continue reading “Kara Seedai Recipe”

eggless buckwheat pancake recipe

Eggless Buckwheat Pancake Recipe For Babies,Toddlers and Kids

Eggless Buckwheat Pancake Recipe For Babies, Toddlers and Kids:

Here I come with eggless buckwheat pancake recipe after a long gap. Hope all of you are doing great . The #kk_21dayschallenge for haircare comes to an end today and I so happy with the participation and the feedback. Most of them have felt that their hair loss is reduced and skin glows naturally. Continue reading “Eggless Buckwheat Pancake Recipe For Babies,Toddlers and Kids”