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Baby Food and Toddler Food Recipes:

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Here is a collection of Baby Food and Toddler Food Recipes which are homemade and healthy for your babies above 6 months. I have given month wise daily diet charts, detailed recipes for improving/maintaining breast milk supply, recipes for healthy weight gain for babies, recipes during illness for babies, details on introducing spices to babies and a lot of baby care articles with latest immunization schedule.The set of food options I have posted here shall be given to your little prince/princess as per the advice of your pediatrician. Kindly bookmark this page for regular updates.All suggestions provided below have been composed of advice of doctors and many books/websites. The list of 100 % homemade and healthy Baby Food and Toddler Food Recipes are available below: (6 months to 3 years plus). Click on the links below to get detailed recipes.Each recipe will have detailed information regarding the ingredients, the age limit for trying the recipe along with step by step procedure

baby food recipes

Baby Food and Toddler Food Recipes:

Puree recipes:

Porridge Mix/Home made cerelac recipes:

home made baby food

Baby Food

Breakfast and dinner options:


  • Accompaniments for breakfast and dinner:

  1. Sothi/Coconut milk Vegetable stew
  2. Ridgegourd /Peerkankai kolakari/Khicidi/Gothsu
  3. Tomato/Thakkali Kolakari/Khicidi/Gothsu
  4. Brinjal/Egg plant Kolakari/Khicidi/Gothsu
  5. Chow Chow/Chayote Kolakari/Khicidi/Gothsu
  6. Drumstick Idly Sambhar
  7. Brinjal Kothsu/Kathirikkai Gothsu
  8. Chutneys and Thuvaiyals(25 + combos)

Roti/Paratha Varieties:

  1. Cheese Paratha
  2. Multigrain Roti|சத்துமாவு சப்பாத்தி
  3. Turnip Paratha/Shalgam Paratha
  4. baby Corn Kathi Rolls
  5. Chappathi/Roti Dough Making(Autolysis)
  6. Cabbage Paratha

Side dish for roti:

  1. Creamy Paneer Gravy
  2. Aloo mutter gravy with broccoli
  5. Vegetable Kurma/Korma/Kuruma
  6. White Kurma/Korma/Kuruma
  7. Paneer baby corn gravy
  8. Cheese stuffed gobi koftha curry
  9. Chettinad Mushroom Masala
  10. Kadai Mushroom
  11. Simple Mushroom gravy
  12. Multicolour Mushroom Masala
  13. Almond Mutter Mushroom/Mshroom gravy with almonds and greenpeas

Pongal & Upma/Khicidi:

  1. Ven Pongal
  2. Almond Daliya Khicidi/Godumai rava badam upma
  3. Red poha Upma/Aval Vegetable Upma
  4. Rava Upma/Sooji Khicidi

Pasta and bread Varieties:

  1. Pasta in White Sauce
  2. Tomato Pasta
  3. Fusilli pasta in tomato sauce
  4. VEG MASALA MACRONI/Indian Veg Masala Pasta/Veg Macroni Stir Fry
  5. Vegetable bread upma
  6. Beetroot Sandwich/White Sauce Beet Sandwich
  7. Corn Capsicum Cheese Toast
  8. Vegetable Sandiwch/Veg. Cheese Sandwich
  9. Bread Rolls

Vegetable based recipes:

Rice varieties:

  1. Baby Corn Pulao
  2. Vegetable rice with coconut milk
  3. Tomato Rice
  4. Peas Pulao
  5. Sesame Rice(Ellu Sadam)
  6. Urad Dhal Rice
  7. Toor Dhal Rice
  8. Kootanchoru
  9. Vegetable Pulao
  10. Vegetable Fried Rice
  11. Vegetable Biriyani
  12. Mushroom Biriyani
  13. Soyabean Rice
  14. Carrot Rice/Carrot Bath
  15. Beet root Rice/Pulao
  16. Amla/Indian Gooseberry Rice
  17. Sambhar Sadham/vegetable Khicidi
  18. Channa Pulao /Biriyani
  19. Vangi Bath/Brinjal Rice
  20. Brown rice Biriyani
  21. Soy Bean Rice
  22. Raw Mango Rice
  23. Capsicum peas Pulao
  24. Gobi/Cauliflower Rice
  25. Tomato Peas Pulao

Curry/Kulambu/Gravy for rice:


Other Beverages/Desserts/Sweets:


Home made basics for babies:


Home made Cakes & Cookies:

  1. Eggless whole grain pressure cooker cake
  2. Sugarless finger millet/ragi cookies
  3. Eggless whole wheat oats banana cake
  4. Vegan Mango Muffins
  5. Eggless Whole Wheat Grapes Cake
  6. Multigrain cashew carrot cake
  7. Whole Wheat Cardamom Cookies
  8. Eggless Whole Wheat raisins Cake
  9. Whole Wheat Linzer Cookies
  10. Eggless Millet Choco Chip Cake
  11. Ragi Rajgira Cookies
  12. Eggless Whole Wheat cupcakes
  13. Eggless Cranberry Beet Choco Cake
  14. Eggless Beetroot Cupcakes
  15. Eggless Multigrain Brownies

6 months to 3 years diet chart


do's and don'ts of introducing solids



Preventive tips,foods for constipation in babies
Adding spices to baby food


foods for healthy weight gain in infants,babies and toddlers


diet for a sick baby


lactating mothers foods


fight dengue


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Avoid sugar,salt,cow’s milk,honey till 1 year(Any form/Any quantity is not permissible) in the above recipes even if I have mentioned in the ingredients

Always have a word with your doctor before introducing any new food to babies.

Please consider the family history of allergies before introducing to any new ingredient.

Please look into the recipes and decide the age to which it suits.

Adjust spices according to your taste.

Please dont consider any of the above recipes/pointers as an alternative to any expert medical advice.


Chikku , Apple , Carrot ,Beet root ,Potato ,Sweet potato ,Papaya ,Watermelon ,Muskmelon ,Banana, Pear, Avacado ,Bottle gourd ,Every single vegetable and fruit

How to prepare fruit puree?

  • Wash the fruit well.
  • Peel the skin and de-seed.
  • Chop into fine pieces/grate.
  • Mash with a spoon/fork or use a blender to grind.

How to prepare vegetable puree?

  • Wash the vegetable.
  • Peel the skin and separate the edible part
  • Steam cook and blend or mash.

Cereals and Pulses:Staple cereals like rice , wheat and pulses like moong dhal , urad dhal , green moong dhal , masoor dhal ,toor dhal , channa , fried bengal gram(roasted bengal gram) and all lentils and legumes. Always pressure cook legumes after soaking over night. Mash well and offer small quantities.

foodThis is my strong notion of food. I ensure this criterion gets satisfied before giving a food for my son. As a mom, I would request every parent to keep this in mind to ensure a “HEALTHY FUTURE” .

Foods to avoid for babies till 1 year:

food to avoidDisclaimer:

The images in the above picture have been chosen randomly from the web for mere representation only.


The content is purely based on my knowledge and experience. This is not an expert advice and please don’t take this as a replacement for any medical practitioner’s recommendation.

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(Click here to get the recent immunization schedule as per Indian Academy of Pediatrics)

Book mark this page as I will keep updating it with recipes and facts about weaning. You can follow my blog by providing your mail id in the follow button or like my page at Feel free to write to at for any queries. I shall help to my best.


  1. hey kalyani can i introduce egg to my lo he is 7 mnth old…also give me some cheese recipe…some sabudhana recipe also….

  2. The purees ideas are absolutely amazing…..I have tried sweet potato, avocado, bottle guard, muskmelon and even the ABC puree…..My baby loved different tastes and wanted more of it….As a new mom, the list of pure recipes were of immense help to me….Thanks much da….

    And am in so love with ur healthy eating concept….A website that promotes NO WHITES is something unbelievable and needs to be appreciated n applauded…..Keep going and Happy cooking!

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