Healthy Recipes For Lockdown

Healthy Recipes for Lockdown-With Minimal Ingredients

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Healthy Recipes for Lockdown

The 21 days lockdown is a tough period for all of us but,  trust me, when we sail through this together we shall all be safe. Kindly hold on and stay safe everybody. There are 500 posts on the blog but since many have access to only minimal ingredients, I thought of collating a list based on the availability of the ingredient. After discussing with mom and MIL I made a handwritten list and for the past four days, I have been making LIVE sessions to share it across on FB groups and here is the post on Healthy Recipes for Lockdown


Healthy Recipes for Lockdown

You have to look for the availability of the main ingredient in your pantry and choose your menu. You can use any of the masalas you have and play around with spices based on what you have. I took a poll from readers to choose simple recipes from the entire lot. The live session about Healthy Recipes for Lockdown which I made on the FB group is here. It took me 4 days of work to compile the entire list of Healthy Recipes for Lockdown. Please feel free to write to me for any queries. Stay indoors, eat healthy, sleep enough and exercise inside the home. Follow hand hygiene and social distancing. Only with collective efforts, we shall be able to fight this scenario.

Breakfast & Dinner Recipe Ideas:

The period is very crucial and we are undergoing a lot of difficulties, but it is equally important to eat healthily and stay at home. Kindly don’t hoard or panic buy. Please plan your menu carefully. We can cope with this. You can reach out to me for any help regarding menu planning. Please use resources diligently and don’t ever waste food. Click on the dish names for the detailed recipe.

Main Ingredients Dishes List Recipe Links Notes
Idly/Dosa Rice


Urad Dhal




Kal Dosa

Vegetable Dosa

Kurunai Dosa


Vendhaya(Fenugreek) Dosa

Five Taste Uthappam

Kal Dosa

Double decker sweet Dosa

Gobi Masala Roast

Instant Vegetable Dosa

Instant Beetroot Dosa

Keerai Dosa

This is basically the variants you can make with idly/dosa batter.
Idly/Dosa Rice







Steamed rice balls

When Idiyappam/String Hoppers/Kozhukkattai is done you can variants like lemon, tomato, mixed vegetable , pepper
Idly/Dosa Rice



Instant Dosa Thakkali(Tomato) Dosa

Surraikkai(Bottlegourd) Dosa

Vazhaithandu(Plantain Pith) Dosa

Cucumber Dosa

Radish Dosa

Pumpkin Dosa

Play around with the vegetable you have.
Idly/Dosa Rice



Adai/Chilla Seeraalam

Navratan Dhal Adai

Suraikkai (Bottlegourd) Adai


Mupparuppu(Three Dhals) Adai

Varutha Paruppu Suraikkai Adai/Lauki Chilla

Maravallikilangu Adai/Tapioca Chilla

Neer  Kozhukattai

You can replace the lentils with what you have in your pantry
Idly/Dosa Rice


Urad Dhal


Raw Rice



Aapam-Without cooking soda

Kara Kuzhi Paniyaram

Karupatti Paniyaram

Beet Root Paniyaram/Appe

You can make variants by adding different vegetable puree/grated or jaggery/palm jaggery.

Sago/Raw Rice/Idly Rice

(Urad dha




Green Peas Dosa(Pattani Dosai)

Chilaka Dal Idly

Moong dhal Dosa

Moong dhal Uthappam/Chilla

Green Gram/Whole Moong Bean Dosa

The same type can be made with a combination of dhals too
Rice Flour Idiyappam


Steamed Rice Balls/ Kozhukkattai

Beetroot String hoppers

Sathumaavu Kozhukkattai/Modhagam

Modhagam with moong dhal fillings

Instant idiyappam

Use raw rice flour.
Rice Flour


Any Millet Flour

Instant Dosa



Atta Ragi Dosa

Multigrain Dosa

Ragi Dosa

Chola Dosa/Jowar Dosa

Be careful about the consistency. All of these are instant ones.
Millet Flour Adai

Koozh/  Porridges

Ragi Kali

Ragi Koozh

Sweet Ragi Adai

Ragi Keerai Adai

With any millet flour, you can make these.
Rava/Sooji/Wheat rava Idly




Beet Wheat Rava Idly

Broken Wheat Biriyani

Almond Daliya Khicidi

Rava Upma/Sooji Khicidi

Godumai rava badam upma

Daliya Kheer/Godhumai Rava Payasam

These are not the usual upma varieties which people hate.
Aval/Flattened Rice/Poha Upma


Instant Snacks

Milky Kesar Poha

Mappillai Samba Aval Upma

Aval Ven Pongal

Red Aval Kozhukkattai

Red Poha Halwa/Aval sweet Pongal

The quickest recipes to make
Millet Flour

+Rice Flour

Idiyappam Saamai Idiyappam

Kambu Idiyappam

Barnyard millet String hoppers

Any millet flour can help you with the same recipe
Wheat Flour Roti/Phulka/ Chappathi




Cheese Paratha

Multigrain Roti|சத்துமாவு சப்பாத்தி

Turnip Paratha/Shalgam Paratha

Baby Corn Kathi Rolls

Chappathi/Roti Dough Making(Autolysis)

Cabbage Paratha

Sweet Potato Paratha

Chappathi Noodles

Aloo/Potato Paratha

Paneer Kathi Rolls

Spring Onion Paratha

Wheat Tofu Momos

Whole Wheat Momos

Spinach Corn Momos


All Baking Items

Depending on the vegetable in stock you can make variations.
Pasta/Vermicelli/Noodles Variants Whole Wheat Vermicelli

Yellow Sauce Pasta

Bechamel Sauce Fusili

Cheesy Broccoli Pasta

Tomato Pasta

Cheesy Corn Fusili

Fusili in Tomato Sauce

Indian Style Masala Macaroni

Tomato Pasta

White Sauce Pasta

Thai Rice Noodles

Whole Wheat Veg Noodles


Prefer only whole wheat ones
Bread+Vegetables Sandwich


Instant Uthappam

Bread Rolls


Bread Upma

Vegetable Sandwich

Corn Sandwich

Beetroot Sauce Sandwich

Bread Pizza Cups

Bread Uthappam


Get only whole wheat bread
Raw Rice or Millets


Moong Dhal

Pongal Ven Pongal

Barnyard millet pongal

Millet Pongal

You can add vegetables to make them khicidi too
Sago/Tapioca Pearls Khicidi/Upma Recipe to follow soon


Apple Puree/Banana Mashed



Pancakes Whole Wheat Pancakes

Buckwheat Pancakes

Ragi Pancake

You can use any millet flour or flours like Amarnath too
Whole Millet Kozhukkattai


Varagu Arisi Adai

Saamai/Little Millet Kozhukkattai

Millet Sweet Pongal

Multi Millet Kozhukkattai

Chola Karuppattii Paniyaram

Chola kara Paniyaram

You can replace it with any whole millet.
Pori/Puffed Rice/Murmura Upma Recipe to follow soon

You can find the side dish recipes for roti /rice here below:

If you don’t have any of the ingredients skip and proceed. For example if you run short of onions, just skip onions. If you run short of cream skip that step. I have provided the list to choose based on major ingredients.


  1. Green peas masala/gravy
  2. Paneer baby corn Jalfrezi
  3. Vegetable Kurma/Korma/Kuruma
  4. White Kurma/Korma/Kuruma
  5. Paneer Baby Corn Gravy
  6. Chettinad Mushroom Masala
  7. Kadai Mushroom
  8. Simple Mushroom gravy
  9. Tofu Bhurji
  10. Tomato/Thakkali Thokku
  11. Paneer makhani
  12. Matar Paneer Masala
  13. Methi Matar Malai
  14. Kerela Kadala Curry
  15. Methi Matar Malai
  16. Gobi Manchurian
  17. Baby Corn Manchurian
  18. Tofu Polichathu
  19. Potato Peas gravy
  20. Chettinaad Urulai Curry
  21. Kerala Style Payaru Curry
  22. Kadai Paneer Gravy
  23. Tawa paneer gravy
  24. Double Beans Gravy/Curry
  25. Vegetable Kurma(Restaurant Style)

Healthy Recipes for Lockdown:

Optimal Use of Ingredients:

Please plan and buy your grocery and vegetables. Eg. If you happen to get only tomatoes in bulk in a week and other vegetables in scarce try making tomato thokku and store. You can pair it up with rice or idly or dosa or phulkha. Some kids love pairing up the sauce with anything. You can homemade sauce. If you get a lot of fruits to make homemade jams and store. Just spend a few minutes more to plan and execute things carefully. Similarly, Podis and Thuvaiyals give huge support in such crisis times. Below is the collection of thokku, jam and podi which you can store and use as a side dish for a variety of items

Recipe Links:

  1. Jam-Beet & Carrot
  2. Dates strawberry jam
  3. Mango Jam
  4. Strawberry Jam
  5. Pineapple Jam
  6. Apple Jam
  7. Mixed Fruit Jam
  8. Home Made Lentils Powder
  9. Tomato Thokku
  10.  Garlic Podi
  11. Coconut Powder/Thengai Podi
  12. Lentils Powder
  13. Tomato Sauce
  14. Mint Podi

Easy Rice Recipes:

You can replace the vegetables/lentils I have used in the recipes. If you don’t have coconut milk you can skip and use only the spices you have for time being. For eg) in Channa Pulao recipe you can use black channa or lobia or dried peas instead of white channa. In Urad dhal Rice recipe you can use split dhal or moong dhal or black gram too.

  1. Sesame Rice(Ellu Sadam)
  2. Urad Dhal Rice  
  3. Toor Dhal Rice
  4. Carrot Rice/Carrot Bath
  5. Beetroot Rice/Pulao
  6. Amla/Indian Gooseberry Rice
  7. Raw Mango Rice
  8. Capsicum peas Pulao
  9. Gobi/Cauliflower Rice
  10. Tomato Peas Pulao
  11. Peanut Rice
  12. Carrot Peas Pulao
  13. Kuska/Plain Biryani
  14. Brinjal Rice
  15. Cabbage Amla Rice
  16. Masala bath
  17. Gobi Matar Pulao
  18. Peanut Rice
  19. Plain Biriyani
  20. Channa Pulao /Biriyani

You can make lemon rice, tamarind rice, coconut rice too.

Simple Side dish/Kulambu Ideas:

You can use any vegetable in kara kulambu and alter sundaikkai with any vathal.

  1. Sothi
  2. Sundakkai(Turkey berry) Vatthal Poricha Kulambu
  3. Vendaikkai More Kulambu(Ladies Finger Buttermilk curry)
  4. Paruppu Urundai Kulambu
  5. Sukku Milagu Kulambu(Dried Ginger, Pepper Curry)
  6. Capsicum Sambhar
  7. Keerai masiyal
  8. Vellai Curry
  9. Kara Kulambu
  10. Karunai Kilangu Vatha Kulambu
  11. Seppankilangu More Kulambu(Colocasia Butter Milk Curry)
  12. Keerai Charu
  13. Capsicum Sambhar
  14. Kongu Style Pachai Payaru Curry

Healthy Snack Recipes for Kids:

Here is a collection of recipes which can be made upfront and stored for kids at home. There are close to 35 recipes which you can make and store. They are free from white sugar. Click the images for detailed recipes.

Below is the collection of snack recipes which you make instantly for daily evening snacks. Avoid deep fry snacks on a daily basis. Click on the names below for detailed recipe

      1. Onion Samosa
      2. Mangalore Bonda
      3. Corn Vadai/Bonda
      4. Vazhaipoo Vadai
      5. Green gram sprouts salad
      6. Nendran Banana Fritters
      7. Watermelon Salad
      8. Sweet corn cutlet/Sweet corn Aloo Tikki
      9. Sweet Potato Cutlet
      10. Rajma Walnut Cheese Cutlets
      11. Plain Sev/Om Podi
      12. Pav Bhaji
      13. Masala vadai
      14. Baked Potato Wedges
      15. Groundnut Stir Fry
      16. Wheat Tofu Momos
      17. Mushroom Kola Urundai
      18. Gobi Fry
      19. Veg Sheekh Kabab
      20. Sweet Potato Wedges
      21. Paneer Nuggets
      22. Potato wedges
      23. Spicy Mushroom Crisps
      24. Mixed Dal Mini Bonda
      25. Pumpkin Sticks
      26. Navratan Dhal Bonda
      27. Sabudana Cutlet
      28. Paneer Popcorn
      29. Broccoli Corn Cutlet
      30. Baby Corn Fry
      31. Bread Cup Pizza
      32. Fruit Salad with Custard
      33. Carrot Halwa
      34. Paal Kova(Milk Kova)
      35. Instant wheat appam/Godhumai Appam
      36. Golden Milk Fruit Custard
      37. Vegan Chocolate Pudding
      38. Strawberry Custard
      39. Mexican Corn Bean Salad
      40. Bittergourd rings
      41. No deep fry Vada

  1. P.S:

Please ensure the optimal use of resources since this lockdown is a testing period for all of us.

Feel free to replace the spice powders with whole spices ( Chilly powder with red chilly)

Babies above 6 months don’t need separate food.

For babies below one-year, animal milk and honey shouldn’t be offered.

Kindly have a word with your doctor before introducing any new food to babies.

Please eliminate all allergies and look into the family history of allergies before trying any new ingredient.

The shelf life will differ for each recipe. Please look into the individual link for details.

These recipes listed can be offered to babies above 6 months without sugar, salt, honey and milk.

Please look into each recipe and decide the age group to which it would be suitable.

Ensure to have introduced the individual ingredients separately and eliminate allergies.

Make sure to store them right.

Please be careful about the quantity of intake. Moderation is the key for healthy intake.

Please do not forget to stay tuned with me by liking my facebook page here or follow me on Twitter or PINTEREST. You can also receive all my recipes in your mailbox by providing your mail id here. Do share this with your kith and kin. If you have a picture of recipe tried from my blog kindly share with me.I am privileged to share them in my page

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